Vaccine issues


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Jul 1, 2005
Rocky Hill, Kentucky
Me - 2 shots, Pfizer. Bruised a little but didn't really hurt. No fever. Felt fine.

Husband - 2 shots, Pfizer. Felt fine but 2nd shot looked like someone had hit him in the arm with a sledgehammer. No fever. Didn't really hurt. Just looked awful.

Son - 2 shots. Moderna. 2nd one kicked his butt for about 24 hours. Fever. Tired. Nothing long term though.

Son's girlfriend - Pfizer. Low fever & felt tired for about 24 hours.

Daughter - Pfizer. No reactions to shot but came down with Covid a few months later. Mild case & was back at work within a week.

Son-in-law - Pfizer. No reactions to shot but also came down with Covid a few months later. Another mild case.

I got my flu shot today. Doesn't hurt but am not looking forward to peeling the funky looking circular bandaid they slapped on it! lol!
When I got home after getting my first poke, haven`t had the second yet... can`t make up my mind to get it or not, my wife said, let`s do the quarter thing and see if it sticks. I laughed a little, she came over and peeled the funky band aid off and just gently put the quarter on my arm and it stuck. It shocked the shit out of me. I`m sure my eyes were as big as a silver dollar. Then she said, oh that`s just from the sticky stuff from the band aid lol. After that I was putting all kinds of stuff on it and making it stick, we were both laughing our butts off. Weren`t too damn funny there at first though.


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Aug 23, 2011
I had Moderna, arm a little sore the day after first shot. Nothing on second. Pops had Moderna, nothing with either shot. My wife had Phizer. Mild aches morning after the first shot, nothing after second.

JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
The Occupied South
I had total 3 vaccine shots (includes booster) of Pfizer and had Zero reactions....not even a sore spot.

108# wife had 3 Moderna vaccines and also had Zero reactions.

I do NOT consider these Reports to be Looney Rumors, as there are too many of them.
I just don't know What to make of it, and seems no one else knows either.
I don't know if I would have taken ANY of them if I wasn't 72 yr old, but I have seen a Lot of Unvaxed folks Die, and None that Were Vaxed.

Lot of strong disagreements on here about this crap.
If y'all want to Hate On someone, save it for the ChiComs who Turned this shit loose on us.


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Dec 25, 2008
Oldest son, J&J. No issues
Myself, J&J. No issues.
Wife, J&J. No issues.
Sister, Moderna. No issues.
Mom, Moderna. No issues.
Nephews, Pfizer. No issues.
I honestly don’t know anyone that had any issues outside of a sore shoulder and feeling a little down for a day or two. And I’ve talked to a LOT of people who did it before I did. All the people above range in age from 17-78
I believe the Chinese Commie loving bbq pork lo Mein Wuhan flu is real. I don’t believe there is a plot to infect us with something in these vaccines. My point for the upteenth time isn’t about conspiracy theories, it’s about the FACT that this is an untested vaccine just now going through human trials. Imho I’m being prudent waiting for the results of said trials. Just following the science here.

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