Uncle Ted having FUN


Feb 13, 2011
I hope it doesn't get that bad in our state.

Are you kidding? People like Barney and Pentail alone would keep the KY pig population in check. I may be wrong but I really don't ever see it becoming a huge problem. Too many hunters who love pork around here. I'd kill 4-5 a year at least if there was a problem with them. Just think...free sausage, bacon, ham, BBQ, pork chops, tenderloin. They are literally free-ranging little piggy banks. We eat more venison and pork than anything, then chicken.

rabbit dawg

6 pointer
Mar 9, 2010
Maybe if Uncle Ted would'nt have been a draft dodger he could have done the real thing. I think he's a loud mouth and a joke.

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