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keith meador

Got the Spotted Fever
Sep 18, 2003
Grindstone Branch, KY, USA.
If you are referring to the one at the horse park, I went last year. It had a flea market atmosphere, with hunting pimps and used deer pee salesmen hanging about. There were a few things that caught my eye as interesting, but I can't recall what they were.

I'm headed over Saturday morning around 10, then headed to FatKats for wings and pizza. The latter will be worth the trip, hands down.


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
I've been the last two years. Not enough archery stuff for my liking but a good way for me and some hunting buddies to kick off the season. If the black dude from Florida is there selling "Mikes Secret Recipe" then buy some. It's good. I live close so might as well go by. Heck you can can drink beer while you look. Makes it a little better!

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