Turkey Season -- Warm and Wet

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by shaman, Dec 2, 2020.

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    I’ve got a couple boxes, picked up a box of long beard XR when I found it the other day just to add to the collection.
    Surely we’ll be done with this $hit by the 22 season...right?
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    I doubt it!
    Cluster fuck and chief said he was going to have in under control in short order! Now he's going to flood the country with lots of un tested illegals, didn't they say Trump acted to slow and caused a bunch of covid deaths in his last impeachment trial but not closing the country soon enough?
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  3. shaman

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    The CPC has updated its forecasts.


    March thru May is still going to be Warmer and Wetter than normal due to La Nina. That pattern stays put all the way until fall. The first two weeks of March are looking to have more normal temperatures, but the rest of the month makes up for it.
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    Well,March through May tends to have some rain along with warming temps. It's been that way forever.
  5. Feedman

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    Plus some nasty storms
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  6. shaman

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    This is ABOVE-NORMAL warmth and precipitation-- that means more than usual.

    Feedman: Yes, there is also more severe weather in the Ohio Valley during a La Nina event.
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    UPDATE: March is still supposed to be warm and wet. What you're seeing today is a bit of a flier. The second half of the month will make up for it.
    The La Nina event imay be starting to weaken a bit. The pattern may switch back to ENSO Neutral sometime in the spring. That would mean normal temps and precipitation.
    April is still supposed to be warmer than normal, but it may be a bit less wet. The latest maps show the Ohio Valley losing the bullseye it had earlier in the year.

    I made a couple of moves to deal with La Nina. First off, I ordered a plastic footlocker from Amazon.

    I'm going to place it in a convenient place out by where I frequently hunt. I'll put rain gear and a few other things in it. If I get caught out in a rain storm, I can hide my best calls in there and use the rain gear and stay out as long as I want. I'll throw some die-cut blind material over it.

    The other allowance I've made happened over this weekend. I've got this spot called the Honey Hole. It has been a serious producer of gobblers over the years. It has had a few problems. For one, the big tree against which I sat for over a decade was dead-- hit by lightning decades ago. It finally fell over about 5 years ago. I've been moving about in that general area trying to find a new spot to put my butt. I found a new spot this year, right next to the old one. However, it had several strands of barbed wire attached to it along with some old farm fencing. There are a couple more dead trees along this fenceline, all showing signs of lightning strikes. I finally decided with this La Nina event that it was high time I remove all that metal fence. There was a story in the papers a while back about two couples out golfing at a Northern KY golf course. A thunderstorm came up and they all ran for the nearest shelter. One husband and an opposite wife did not show. They found their disrobed bodies in the woods a short distance away. They'd run in to have a quickie, and lightning had caught them making love. What killed them was the lightning struck a nearby tree and traveled along an attached bit of old farm fence that was ended up under the leaves where they decided to plop down.
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    Well... that's a new one:eek: I reckon that was one if not the best way possible to check out:)
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    I take a camo tarp and build a lien tube and brush it in good in a place I can hear birds gobbling, it's a place I can hangout in the rain or on a lunch break.
    I have spent a few night in them over the yrs when it's warm.
  10. shaman

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    I just had proof that one of my earlier predictions has come true. I had prophesized that the warm winter we were going to have was going to influence the survival of insects, and that there would be more of them for the turkeys to eat come spring. I just got proof of that a few minutes ago. I was sitting at the PC, drinking my coffee and scratched at something I felt on my shoulder. It was a tick. On Saturday afternoon, I was at the farm, my first visit all winter. I went out to my favorite Honey Hole and started doing some prep work, stomping down shooting lanes, removing some old barbed wire, etc. I sat down for a few minutes to see if everything was okay. The tick must have gotten on me then.

    Normally, it is the last week of season before I even think about ticks. They're just not a problem up here in Northern KY. Here I am with one on Feb 27???

    Expect more skeeters, and ticks this year guys! You heard it from the shaman.

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