Turkey Population

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Nov 14, 2005
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Food is how the majority of animals receive adequate hydration. Humans included. No doubt. The question remains, during periods of sustained and extremely low temperatures and vastly depleted food supplies in a temperate forest….how detrimental are these conditions on an exothermic bird that by and large has a 75% mortality rate annually? The common sense answer is……SIGNIFICANT!!

It's a good question, and I honestly have no idea. But places like the Dakotas, Maine etc have the same species of turkey we do. And their water sources are locked up every single winter for months.
If they routinely make it through that every year, seems like a week wouldn't be a big deal for our turkeys.

mudhole crossing

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Aug 20, 2007
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I done my part and made sure they made across the road safely. Best I could do

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