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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Duster, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Just because you did not serve does not mean you are not a patriot or you like your country any less.......Let it go. Trump loves this country, it made him a whole lot of money, now he is paying it forward at a time we needed him the most. Another 5 years and we might just have a chance............MAGA!!
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    Duster if you fought in Vietnam thanks for your service and sorry you and all the other guys had to be there and for the way yall were treated when you came home but most of all sorry for the ones that didn't make it back. But what did that war accomplish other than killing thousands, injuring who knows how many for life, and leaving scars in the minds of all that survived? I can't blame anyone that doesn't want to take a chance on dying while fighting another country's battle. To me that's one thing that's very wrong with this country, always sticking it's nose in someone else's business. And it's the main reason we have to worry about terrorist today. If anyone wants to fight and possibly die for another country have at it but no one should be made to do it or be called a coward for not wanting to. Honorable? Yes. Smart? Hell no! From all the horror stories I've been told by guys that fought there, most with tears on their face, some crying like one of their kids had just died, it didn't seem like something any of them were proud of having to do but the sadest thing is the ones that died or the ones that came back home can't say they did it for THEIR country.
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    You join and take the oath then go on to Basic like any military then you can go on to OCS if you make the cut. Four years of college is a requirement. I thought such a expert on everything military like you would know that. FWIW you do not go straight into OCS without basic that so hard to understand. Yes even Officers went thru basic training everyone of them.
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    I guess that old Sargent read you like a book and knew you were not military material. They seen it all in their years service. And as far as what job you get they pick not you. I didn't sign up to paint aircraft but that's where they needed people at that time. Where you go you have no choice, you go where they tell you to and tell you when to be there.
    When my grandson went thru Army basic they told the entire group half or more of you will not make it back home.
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    Kinda like saying all we get from you is the truth but you have been caught numerous times on lies, right?[/QUOTE]
    Hell they didn't want you either or you like some others chicken out defending the country
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    That is NOT what you said several times.

    You said this,

    "Once you sign on the line and take that oath you belong to them for the time you sign up for."

    Those are YOUR words. I understand it fine but YOU are the one that keeps using the excuse of staying in the States instead of Vietnam by saying you did NOT have any choice. Now your saying different.
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    Oct 25, 2016
    Hell they didn't want you either or you like some others chicken out defending the country[/QUOTE]

    You think you defended the country by painting airplanes lmao! What a hoot!

    "They didn't want me"? Please elaborate where in the hell you came up with that?

    Listen old man, take a break from making a God-blessed fool out of your self and take care of your family. I hear your great grandson needs Oreos washed off his face.
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    Another example of how Duster blows his accomplishments or lack of up to make people think he's done something.
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    Every retired NCO I knew in the private workplace pretty much treated " College boys" with the same amount of distain. But that's pretty much the 70s and early 80s. After while I was their boss. so I didn't see that so much then
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    What the heck are you talking about....You sure are dumb on joining the military. Let me explain slowly so you may understand. You sign on that line raise that right hand and take that oath and you belong to them for whatever they want you to do for however many years you sign up for be it 2-4. If you want after that time you want to stay in that's called re-enlistment, Some they allow to re-enlist some they don't. Depends on their wants and needs not yours.
    And I didn't have a choice the USAF made it for me. In fact I told them I would re-enlist IF they would train me in another job than painting aircraft that I hated, I did not sign up to be a painter but for aircraft frame repair to learn to weld aluminum along with other things. I found out I was a painter when I reported to my first duty station after basic. But there was nothing open at the time. So I took a honorable discharge after 4 years 3 months...FWIW Basic does not count towards the time you sign up for in the USAF.
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    If you was joining to fight , why not the marines or army ?
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    Most of them didn't get to go to college but work their way up thru the ranks. As I said they as they say been there did that and seen it all. The wife's cousin was a Army recruiter for several years and retired after 22 years service. He told me lots of storys about the oh so smart college boys that came in with a attitude and he showed them the door. How does it feel to be turn down when a young high school kid can join yet you were shown the door ? Those OLD NCO's respect their chain of command even if it is a fresh out of OCS Lt that's higher rank than them.
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    Never said I join to fight. I got to visit USAF bases on which my brother served at. Got to stay in the barracks and see most everything and decided that was the route I was going to take. I had the grades to make the cut to join the USAF where a lot of guys in the mid 60's didn't. To busy smoking weed and dropping out of school. They didn't just take everyone that applied.
    FWIW Brother was a lifer and retired from the USAF after 28 years. Got to travel all over the world. I thought that would be what I would get to do but they thought different. As I said you belong to them you have no say so.
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    More for this country than you ever did.

    Notice none of you post your thoughts on Trump wanting to award himself the Metal of Honor.

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