Trump maintains commanding lead in primary poll with 55 percent support… DeSantis at 29 percent… Nikki Haley at 3 percent…


6 pointer
Sep 26, 2016
And Trump saying stupid stuff.
Had he any sense he would have cruised with the way the economy was doing. No, he had to get on Twitter like a teenager and say negative things about people for no reason.
His narcist personality shined through more and more and he won't recover from it. The needle has moved too much.
Spot on, he just can't keep his mouth shut.


8 pointer
Jul 25, 2007
I will one of those to say that ONLY President Trump can get this country going in the right direction in the time necessary to save it.
I acquiesce he has short-comings and a loud, obnoxious mouth (and pen) but I'll take his short-falls along with the righting of this ship.

Let DeSantis have it after Trump fixes the compass!


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
I’m only defending my point. Not predicting who will win or whatever. Again, if someone is voting for DeSantis because they feel he is a better candidate than Trump, fine, great, dandy. If someone is voting for DeSantis because there’s no way “they” “the man” “the establishment” will allow Trump to win, then we got a bigger issue. Even if it isn’t a Biden repeat, certain people are still controlling the narrative and you are going right along. I hope if DeSantis wins it’s because people want DeSantis, not because they won’t allow the people to have Trump. I hope this makes sense.

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