Trump is done.



12 pointer
Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
Did I mention something about that Anderson co area representative earlier? Young gal that breathes fire. Now we learn about our own sos getting tweets deleted?

Nothing to see here, don’t worry about the effd up election where hour long lines were the norm. Houston, we have a problem.


10 pointer
Sep 29, 2013
CNN all of the media are SOB they have no right talking about the constitution because this administration has screwed the constitution in more ways than one even the media I hope there day of reckoning will come soon this country is over and we all have let it fall hate that for the children growing up in this country now FJB.


12 pointer
Sep 23, 2016
So we had a republican congress and a republican president and nothing was done. That's my problem. If there was any wrongdoing then THAT was the time to question/fix/arrest any problems. Nothing was done. Why is that?
We can post BS links and theories all you want but if a republican controlled government can't find/fix it then why are we still bitching two years later?
Seems like a bunch of snowflakes to me and I always thought that term was reserved for the other side.

Spare me the conspiracies of the "Rhinos" wanting the liberals to win. That's bullshit. They had NOTHING. Either there was nothing or the liberals were smarter. Nothing makes me feel better than to think the liberals are smarter.
We had the Senate. That doesnt get anything done. All investigations come from the HOR. Thats how Trump got impeached TWICE! Our elections are FULL of corruption and it is painfully obvious at this time that MSM does not care one shit about any Amendment or anyones rights except their own.