Trump is done.

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Nov 24, 2008
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Because they didn’t rule on it. Most courts never took it up and there was no deep investigation. Evidence was not proven because once these ballots were taken from an envelope there’s nothing that can be tied to anything. Mass mail out ballots could easily be used fraudulently. Who knows how the machines were manipulated.

If they didn’t make it easier to cheat people would have confidence in the outcome. These long delays that nearly always result in democrat wins is suspicious to say the least.

Let’s make the election more secure. Voter ID. Same day results in all states. No mass mailing of ballots. No ballot harvesting. Is that too much to ask?
Exactly. There has been no rulings specific to the 2020 election. I never said cases were not presented to the Supreme Court, just said there was no specific ruling on the 2020 outcome as the court rejected to hear those cases. Lesser courts im not as familiar with.

Should there have been a deeper investigation? I would say yes, and I would hope most Americans would have said yes as well since the integrity of our elections is paramount. But there has not been. Do I trust the 2020 results 100%? Not really, but I could say that about most all elections. There are always people trying to swing things their way. But have I seen enough evidence that leads me to believe in a conspiracy big enough to sway half a dozen states? Nope. If you see the evidence, great. But I don't.

Edit to add I agree with all the stuff you mentioned in your last paragraph.


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Nov 7, 2021
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Nov 20, 2014
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I’d like to hear what you think B and B’s “mindset” is. Seriously.
Well first and foremost SCOTUS and state supreme courts have heard cases on it and they ruled the issues unconstitutional. It’s fine if you are unaware just don’t understand arguing against facts that are readily accessible.


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Oct 15, 2013
It doesn’t offend me , just proving a point , I get crazy stares and comments of both kinds all the time when I wear some of my different t shirts none are racist , Like , Thank a heterosexual today , it’s the reason your alive , America love it or leave it , If I hit one knee I’m not protesting , I’m taking aim .. But I’m in the wrong LOL. And none of it is political ? Maybe ? But it’s being pushed , I’m not offended or racist or hate it , just being fair
Those are pretty funny.

Your grievances are the same as theirs but the difference is you are just responding to how you are treated. I get that.
I bet you handle it just fine when someone says something to you, and go about your day like nothing happened. While they stew in their own anger.

Its a shame you cant even where a shirt without getting menaced


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Sep 23, 2005
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First I never threw my support behind Desantis, so why even bring him up?

Second, a simple google search will show you all sorts of things Trump has said to offend people. Heres one, took me all of 10 seconds.
View attachment 106854

Now am I offended by that? No. Do I think people in general are looking for reasons to be offended? Yes. But neither of those points change the fact that other people, whos vote counts just as much mine, are bothered when the president decides to make fun of someone's looks on social media. Its the same point I made about staunch conservatives I know who will simply not vote before voting for Trump or a D because they view the president as a leader first and a leader does not intentionally alienate those they are trying to lead. He can disagree with them and that's fine, but making fun of the way someone looks because they disagreed with him politically causes more people than you realize to view him as un-electable. You can disagree with that line of thinking all you want, but it does not take away from the fact that their vote (or lack thereof) is worth just as much as yours.

Like I said, I will support Trump in the general election. But I don't see a path to victory for him simply because he has pushed too many people away, so I will put my primary vote behind someone else. Trump would probably my first pick in primary all else equal. But everything is not equal as far as others view Trump and I would much rather have my second choice R over anyone the liberals side with.

As for election stealing, there is not anything out there I have seen that's anywhere close to PROOF. And I've read a lot of what's out there. Its either hearsay, complete lunacy or circumstantial at best. If you have PROOF that the election was stolen, what are you doing posting on a hunting website? If I had PROOF, hunting would be the furthest thing from either my mind or my actions.
That quip he made about Arianna Huff is hilarious, but I'm a salty asshole. Anyhow, carry on gents.....


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Nov 7, 2021
mason co
So I guess Trump isn't done. He has so much more work to do to make our country great again. Cant wait to hear what bright ideas he has in store for us. You guys better start sending him money for his campaign, he is going to need it.


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Dec 19, 2017
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Couple things he mentioned I liked was , Term limits , voting by pencil and paper and counted the night of , and eliminating anything that would allow for cheating ,Death sentence for drug smugglers and dealers , which is the right move , and fixing back what he had done before yeah good stuff , and if these investigations actually take place against Biden and the boys and turtle man and something would take place and criminal intent is found well wont no Dem be winning for a bit ...But we all know how thats gonna play out