Trump Indicted


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Aug 22, 2006
You can't get there from here.
You know before Trump we had republicans. They were Romney and McCain. Now weren’t they just the nicest guys too. I’ll throw in a Bush or two if you want.

So you want a Republican in office? Why? You may not make the connection that most of them are cut using the same cookie cutter.

So tell me what specifically you want policy wise from one of these republicans.
Someone who can convince a democrat or two to vote his way so they don't sit in gridlock just spending our money pointing fingers at each other.
Hey, hey, hey!



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Sep 28, 2016
Boyd county, ky
I was hoping that trump would work behind the scenes to help republicans take large majorities in congress. I’m not sure he can win the general election. Too many people both dems and republicans hate him. I’ll vote for him if he is the republican candidate, but I’d rather have someone who could actually win. Last election he was beat by a walking vegetable.


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Sep 23, 2005
In The Tree Next To Ya
Exactly, they design it to muddy the waters and confuse people about their position all the while pandering to their donors.
Of course, and with bills crammed full of kaka under the title of "Infrastructure" or "Budget" or whatever else, they play you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, waste billions on total bullshit and call it a bipartisan victory.