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    Apr 2, 2012
    Ever since I moved back to Al, I’ve been just kinda bouncing around. Me and my ex got back together so we lived together for a year or so. After that came to an end again, I took out overseas amd stayed for a few months, then Arky workin / guiding on my off time, then Lauderdale and the Keys for classes and fishin on my off time. Anyway long story short, I’m ready for a slow down. My first thought was to buy a house, found 3, 1 sold within a week of being listed, another got listed on a Wednesday morning, I made an offer that afternoon just going on pictures of asking price, it got rejected bc someone had already made a higher offer earlier, another house got listed Monday, by Wednesday it had a contract on it.
    So, now I’m leaning towards just building a cotton pickin house. One of my must haves is a trophy room simply bc I have close to 100 mounts, and I think it’d be cool. I’ve seen them finished out in everything from reclaimed barnwood and tin to a very European looking dark wood.
    If y’all have any ideas or pics I’m open to them. Thx
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    Aug 23, 2011
    I've seen some amazing things done with old pallets....... cheap too..
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    Guarding my lovely bluebirds
    I am extremely thankful to you for having created this thread. Your well expressed post somehow managed to draw me out of a temporary ice princess mode taken on in necessity brought on by trauma, whereas not much else has been capable of doing so the past 48 hours or so, and the quoted part actually brought a smile to my face along with soft giggle, simply due to the well known southern charm of it; something in which always provides me much comfort. Thank you very much.

    I am fairly sure that I simply feel a strong empathy for you, due to your long endeavors of attempting to find yourself once again and thereby wish to try and be of some kind assistance, in addition to the fact that you struck upon my innate passion for design. My parents would occasionally return home from work to a surprise rearrangement of any given room within our residences, when I was a child/teenager, always liking it much better. I have simply always looked at an environment, whether such be interior or exterior (as in landscaping), and quickly redesigned it within my mind for some odd reason, possessing a strong desire to create something more beautiful or simply fix elements which may happen to be out of synchronicity with one another, much like a yin and yang of symmetry.

    I believe all must somehow be genetically inherited from my grandparents and particularly my grandmother. She was a most gifted artist, although such was never her primary profession just like myself. Part of me has always regretted having permitted my parents to redirect my focus as a very young adult, and I am quite sure that my grandmother must have felt the same over having been forced to redirect her own true interests, even though she never actually told me such. I somehow posses high confidence regarding that matter.

    I believe that careers within the art world have only recently become more prevalent here within the states compared to our country's initial founding, which is most understandable. Such was the reason that both of us were guided toward more stable careers early on within life. Regardless, we both gravitated back to our true passions later within life; art, although we both always managed to continue creating it in many forms.

    Those thoughts expressed and onto your own needs and desires, finally. As I believe that I may have privately mentioned to you, extreme patience is mandatory whenever making big decisions, and the purchase of a personal residence happens to fall within that category, due to the huge expense. It can become truly exhausting to bounce from property to property with any realtor, not to mention simply overwhelming at times, and especially while holding down a full-time job. For that reason, I completely understand your frustration and desire to simply give-up and build your own home, thereby possess much compassion for you pertaining to your current plight.

    While I have personally refrained from doing so, my father did just that upon return to Kentucky, built his own residence. Like yourself, he could not find exactly what he desired in the way of a farm, all locked-up due to his having been away for too many decades. It is typically much more expensive to build, and now may not be your best time to take on that venture, simply due to the retarded restrictions having immensely elevated the costs of supplies at this point in time. If building your own home is something in which you have settled your mind upon, it might be best to purchase land and slap a used RV upon it, which could be later sold if desired, until the costs of supplies finally return to normal, and with the trophy room that you have in mind, a huge barn would probably be a great idea for it.

    One hundred mounts is an enormous amount to place within most entire houses, dear Captain, let alone a single room, and I do not believe that your hunting days are over; so, that number is likely to substantially grow. You do not wish to end up like the late Ms. Winchester and always be within the midst of construction, because such would limit your time to hunt, while only adding to your expense. I can imagine a thousands manners of renovating a huge barn into a handsome trophy room, and your old barnwood would already exist upon the property. Just one of many ideas to potentially consider there.

    Another idea having entered my mind, which I do possess personal reservations over this idea, but in your case I can foresee excellent reasoning behind such is as follows. I had glanced at only a few photographs of trophy rooms, finding one which I found to be somewhat inspirational. I wish that I had saved it, and perhaps I may be capable of relocating it. Doubtful, but if so, I shall edit this post and place the link here

    for you. It would not accommodate your vast needs, but the woodwork and vaulted ceiling design of nice wood was rather unique. Such was when the thought came to me that yet another specific type of building could so very easily be renovated into a more than exquisite trophy room, and one easily large enough to fulfill your personal needs. I could become quite interested within doing such myself for you, whereas normally I would instantly be highly opposed to such, but then your son's potential future needs instantly came into my mind, causing me to have had an eureka moment, being that he would likely inherit your property one day.

    As intelligent of a man in which I realize you happen to be, I am quite sure that you can potentially see where my mind goes with this. He will hopefully one day require a church of his very own, and your purchase of one could greatly benefit him and countless others. It always greatly pains me to see a house of worship purchased and then renovated for any other use, but in your specific case it does not do so as much, being that I possess great faith your son would eventually return it to its intended, righteous usage, and that such would become part of your own tithing.

    I look at the idea as an investment with grand purpose. He could even begin preaching upon the Holy grounds beside it, until it became his very own one day. I am quite sure that it would draw many individuals out of curiosity, and especially if properly accomplished; albeit, it might very well become prudent for you to then consider opening your personal residence to many guests. Such could also provide you with additional revenue upon retirement, as a tourist attraction.

    I believe that you are proud of your son and wish to see him succeed with his personal calling, not desiring to refocus his interests elewhere, and I see much good within you for such. It could become one manner of contributing to your son's welfare and that of many others, which I believe would personally make you happy, while seeing to your own needs in the interim.

    There are some exquisitely designed churches of old within the beautiful state of Alabama. I can easily envision a salty ole Sea Captain living within a church for a while. Such just might greatly benefit you, as well. ;)

    Although perhaps further away from home than you desire to be, an old church with a light tower somewhere upon the Bama Coastline would be extremely nice, and directly where you belong, Captain. You know that the sea is your mistress, and that you cannot leave her for too very long; you must think ahead to your own retirement. One with a light tower upon the coast would be absolutely beautiful, while the insurance perhaps not so much, but that could be easily offset. If one which you and/or your son potentially find suitable lacks a light tower, you could always build a beautiful one beside it and even adorn its interior with more of your hunting trophies. You could also always build your own home directly beside both much later in time, and your son would always be beside you, in order to assist you during your elder days of need. That home would eventually become his, as well.

    Perhaps the two of you might find one which already has an additional building, being that many do, and it could then be renovated into your personal residence. What you would then do with all of your hunting trophies, I do not know. Maybe you could eventually purchase an adjoining lot with yet another building, at that point in time, because those dead animals most certainly could not remain within the church, once your son eventually took his need of it, lol. I think that all might serve to further inspire him with his calling, Captain, and you would have then properly assisted in further leading him.

    Although I cannot say that the idea of dead animals upon a wall holds personal appeal to me, I really do like my latter idea for you and your son. I foresee many blessings via such; it is simply ideal and could be beyond breathtaking in design, while most certainly unique. If you do not, perhaps you may ultimately change your mind about it. For some reason, I tend to believe that even your own father may happen to foresee wisdom in all, while I realize that I could be easily mistaken.

    Regardless, I imagine that I shall continue to look at trophy rooms, being that I currently find the distraction to be a healthy one for me personally at this particular point in time. Perhaps I shall later post links to a few for you, in order to provide you with additional inspiration, since I rather enjoy playing the part of a muse. Exhausted, so perhaps some portion of all of that was somehow remotely coherent and helpful. Again, I sincerely thank you, much appreciated.
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    Cynthiana, Ky
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    On my, someone is bored and needs a companion.
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    I actually read some of that Rambling BS to see what y'all talking about.
    Cap, here's your new Woman and interior decorator. You will be back on the Ocean in No Time Flat.
    (Back to Ignore).
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    I hit show ignored content, just to see what was going on. Damnit lol
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    Take me three days and four pots of coffee to read all that.
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    Its hard for me to offer buying advice right now when there is an elephant in the room. (Im not talking about HOLs post either) If home prices are the next bubble id say wait till they burst to buy a home. You dont even have time to do due diligence in this market, other than backing out on inspection. (People that are selling to buy another will be fine.) Especially if there is a good chance you’ll need to sell it in the near future. Id hate to hear you had to sell a few years from now and end up taking a bath on the sale price.
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    We're building and the house is designed around a game room. The game room size with 14' walls jacked the sf up and the price. It'd be a cheaper, by quite a bit, to build an out building with part or all being the game room vs incorporating into the main house. But, like the boss said, we wouldn't enjoy it being in another building, soooo cha ching $$$$.
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    I'm not doing that.
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    Holy wall of text !
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    Longest post by one person I ever saw on here. Just wow! That ignore option maybe getting used after that.
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    Well over 200 lines of response, but under 250. (Or around 6 full screen pages) At least on my iPhone 10 holding it vertically.
    Has to be a record.

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