TreeLeach's Monster Buck!!!


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Jan 25, 2003
Here is TreeLeach's Monster Buck. I will let him tell the story. Congrats on a truly awesome buck!!
Troy Gentry


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Jul 14, 2003
WOW!!! What a HUGE buck!!! Congrats !!!

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I'd rather be lucky than good any day!!

Reloaders Haul Brass!


Sep 25, 2003
munfordville, ky, USA.
Well first of all thanks Troy for helping me out with the pic . You are a true sportsman . This buck is my biggest buck to date and my first with a muzzle loader . It was harvested sat the 13th around 4:15 pm.AS you all know it was very cold that day and snow started falling about midday.I knew that if i could hack the cold i would have a great chance to see some deer movement.I got in the woods around 1:30 and decided to hunt on the ground so i set up against a large oak and waited and waited and waited , finally about 3:45 i had 6 turkeys walk within 50 yards and go up the hill behind me .When they got out of site it was about 4:00 and i will be honest i was thinking about packing it up and heading home . But i knew that if i did that i sure wasnt going to see anything from my living room. so i decided to stay and tough it out , and boy am i glad.As i said before around 4:15 i seen some movement in the treeline on the edge of a large field. I knew it was a deer but still didnt know it was a buck. But he didnt make me wait long he stepped out in between the trees and hit a scrape.I knew he was a shooter buck so i raised my weapon picked a spot and squeezed the trigger.Well the primer went off but nothing else! no jokes &gt; my heart just about stopped .The buck froze , but didnt know where the sound come from.Luckily i was able to reload a new primer and fire again.This time the .45 cal hit its mark.The deer took off and ran about 50 yards or so until he crashed.I went straight to him and was amazed by his large rack.The buck weighed in at 155 lbs field dressed. Although i originally said he was a ten pointer he is really an eight , i shouldnt count the two spurs on the back of his rack about 1/2 inch long . He has an inside spread of 21". This goes to show that skill has means alot but luck is always welcome.Happy hunting

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