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  1. Field dog. But I also want her to be a family pet as well.
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    She will definitely be a good family pet. I have no doubt. I Can’t help in the field training obviously. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. Enjoy the process. My lab is going to be 12. He is in good health and still likes to run quite a bit....but he has slowed down considerably and has 2 torn acls. He’s a phenomenal family pet. My kids will take it hard when the time comes. He’s older than they are. He’s been here since they were born. My oldest is 10.
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    Get one of the mentioned training dvd series and look on the retriever training forum, lots to read there.
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    check out its like the old netflix but with training dvds. you can rent and keep as long as you want. start with hillman training a retriever puppy then transition into mike lardy total retriever training. Retriever training is pretty much the same as the guys that do field trials its just the point you want to stop. follow the program and its pretty easy. its amazing what 10-20 minutes a day can do for a dog.
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  5. Just an update for ones that care. She’s been with us since Friday, observations so far is that she is very skiddish. I don’t know if it’s because she was raised to this point in a gated community so to speak or what but I’m hoping to grow her out of it. Loves to retrieve balls, not super crazy about a bumper but will do it with no enthusiasm. Sits well and working on heeling. I started reading 10 minute retriever and realized letting her play with our other more dumb dog at home is a terrible idea so I’ve quickly cut that out. Day 1 started today so we will see. Thanks for all the tips so far, I’m looking at all of them.
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    You can join Freddy Kings the retriever trainer program for $60 a year. Tons of videos and step by step process (broken down by skill, week and even day) to follow. Private facebook group for discussion too. Well worth the money IMO and Freddy always replies via PM to answer any questions you may have. Follow "Teet's Life" if you decide to go that route. However, only so much can be seen from 5-7 min videos. So I've supplemented this program with stuff from Hillmann, Lardy, Graham, and Akin. Also pick the brains of the local pros like Rob D. if you get stuck!
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    Freddy King used to have a Youtube series (Hunting Retriever) on all basic obedience to cold blinds. It covered basically everything but marks. I really liked it but he may of taken it down because he started that trainer program. Study multiple training plans and adapt to what works for you.
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    keep in mind you just took a dog away from everything it has known its whole life. Taking it for walks in the woods and letting it explore. also once it gets used to being home. places like rural king and lowes are pet friendly and great for getting a dog out and socializing it. I like rural king because they have rabbits and birds and things like that the dog can smell.
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    At this point don’t worry about official training. Just let your pup adjust to being with you and just have fun. The most important thing right now is that she will chase stuff. Doesn’t have to pick it up and bring it back just have fun chasing stuff. Get her fired up about chasing. The rest can be worked out. Don’t do to much with the chasing though. Always keep her wanting more.
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    Do you intend to release a photograph or video?

    "...former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland..., Mike saw the lack of affordable, readily available, resources for dog owners, and he knew something had to change.

    Mike used his combined knowledge from his time as a Navy SEAL Multi-Purpose Canine Trainer, his experience training Trikos International working dogs, and the techniques he developed with the retired working dogs at the Warrior Dog Foundation to create Trikos Team Dog.

    Trikos Team Dog is a one-stop shop for all things dog:
    Mike created online video lessons and the Trikos Team Dog Courses to cover the principles of positive reinforcement and how to apply them to dogs, lessons covering how to bond with dogs, read dogs, and train dogs.

    The principles Mike teaches are the same principles used to train the world’s most elite working dogs, yet they work on the average house pet, too!

    The Trikos Team Dog website then evolved to include a Dog Den Resource for everything dog (poisonous foods, first aid, collars, leashes, health checks, fun games, and more), forums with an active dog community, and Live Video Chats with Mike to answer any and all questions.

    Mike’s goal is to revolutionize how we bond, interact with, and train our dogs using his Trikos Team Dog program.

    This platform provides affordable online dog training to dog owners all across the world, in the comforts of their own homes, at their own pace. Current community members range from first-time puppy owners to well established dog trainers and law enforcement dog handlers, as there is something for everyone. Mike personally interacts with members on the site and answers their questions as well."


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    Fixed it for you. Next time you are there keep an eye out for DH13.
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    "Meet the former Navy SEAL who trains dogs for the military and police

    ...The native Iowan said seeing dogs in action during his service in Iraq had a profound impact on his life and made him realize how vital they are to completing complex missions.

    "I was always really fascinated by their ability to train them to do simple stuff, like using their nose to find ducks or pheasants and pick them up with a soft mouth – bring them back," he said. 'Diving in icy cold water and breaking through thorn bushes, and I thought it was pretty neat. I was always a huge dog guy growing up.

    'In the military, I got into a lot of different hunting breeds of a bunch of different capacities,' he added. 'In 2003 in Iraq, that was really my first experience seeing service dogs [in action]. There had been times in different parts of SEAL training when we’d be somewhere where units were using dogs, and I thought it was cool. But in Iraq, I realized how valuable they were. So I’ve been really consumed by living, breathing, eating and sleeping it'...”
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    You are likely already aware you have pink eye, and hep C. But
    keep eating that popcorn at rural king Buddy!
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