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Nov 8, 2007
With purchasing our house with 14 acres. It's going to need some work as it hasn't been worked at all, just overgrown. The previous owner had a zero turn for mowing 3 grass acres and a single path in the fields. With that said what do recommend for some finish mowing on 3 acres and some rough hilly mowing on the other 11 acres along with clearing a 700 ft. driveway or working the gravel? I would like to stay under $10,000 but realize I will be in the $15,000 range if new. I would like to mow with at least a 60 inch belly mower. Opinions? JD, Kubota, Ford (it will hurt to buy), New Holland?
I think something like this would do the trick with the ability to add a blade later. Thanks for your help. I feel a little overwhelmed with buying a house with acreage that wasn't used. I just have to tell myself I can't fix in just 1 weekend. :)


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
What about a Massey Ferguson 35; a ford 9n, 8n, 2n, ford 600 or 800? You would save a considerable amount of money and those models are still popular for a reason. Easy to work on as well. Just a thought.


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Dec 12, 2001
Your best bet is first find out who and where the person that will repair whatever you buy is located. I would rather have a old Ford 2000 if there is somebody 5 miles away that can take care of getting it running, swap clutch or repair the hydros on it than a new green JD with the nearest repair person 150 miles away.


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Oct 29, 2015
I bought a 35 hp 4x4 Mahindra and it's a beast of a tractor.

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Apr 21, 2005
Ive used just about all the common brands you will find used out there.Lots of good older model tractors.Just make sure its got live power..


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Dec 20, 2009
Christian County
The tractor that's ideal for finish mowing on 3 acres is not going to be suited for 11 acres of rough and hilly ground. I have a 23 HP John Deere sub-compact with a 63 inch deck and a front end loader. It does a good job on the yard, although it is a little big for the tight spots. The loader is a very handy tool, and gets used a lot. It will also handle a tiller and a grader blade. I wouldn't want to put it on rough ground because it's too small and the mower deck isn't meant to be used like a bushhog. Now, here's what I do....I have a zero turn mower for the yard of about 2 acres, and a 80 HP tractor and 10 foot bushhog for the heavy stuff. I also have a 45 HP Kubota front wheel assist, that would work for light bushhoging if I put a small one on it. If I were you, I'd stick with a small mower for the yard, and get me a 35-40 HP to cut the rough stuff with.


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Nov 4, 2006
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250 steel T posts, 6 rolls of woven wire, 4 bred heifers, and 2 bred nannies.

why in heck would you want to mow 11 acres of field and brush? Why spend $10K on a tractor that will never again be worth what you spent on it? Fatten the livestock, sell the livestock, repeat. Let the land pay you!

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Feb 24, 2016
I have same farm and specifics as OP and am very happy with my Kubota L3800 with loader. Pulls tiller, grader box, bush hog, and post hole digger just fine. Very happy with my purchase.

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Feb 20, 2011
the swamps of western KY
If I just bought a house I wouldn't turn around and spend $10-15K on a tractor. I'd rather buy a used tractor for somewhere around $3K.

Or just pay to have someone bush hog it the first year.
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Nov 17, 2007
This one comes with some great attachments but is older Have you decided against a loader? I went with a JD 2720 and like it a lot. It's heavy and ruts the yard a bit when wet if I'm not careful but it does alot of jobs without having to have multiple machines. 4wd was a must on my hill and 31hp was the least I wanted. Still saving up for a tiller.
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Jun 12, 2005
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If I can get my daughter through one more year of law school and a wedding... my next purchase is a new tractor.

I've been looking at the John Deere 3038e. Which I'm just needing a tractor for light bush hogging, food plots and a little garden work. In turn we had a John Deere 2010 for 20 years or more. We sold it a couple years ago. But it did everything we needed to do on our farm. Just a case we worked on it more than it ran the last few years. Got offered more than we gave for it in the beginning ... so we decided it was time to go.

Which the older tractors you can find worth the money... just be prepared to work on them. We had the clutch go out in that 2010 twice... literally have to break the tractor into 2 pieces to change it. Not an easy task unless you got everything you need for some issues to tackle like this.

The "e" series is John Deere's economy line and offered in different horse power models. The 3038e is 38hp Yanmar diesel, 4wd and front end loader. They have offered it in package deals from dealers around me that included the tractor / front end loader, 5'ft bush hog , box blade and tandem axel trailer for around $22-$23k.

Which I already have another bush hog , disk, plow and dang near brand new king cutter 5 ft tiller we used with our tractor we sold. So I pretty much have most implements I'll need.

I need to hold off another year ... but unless something drastically changed my mind... I'll have me one.

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