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Dec 26, 2019
Found 14 on me 2nd Sunday of turkey season. Damn things got in my truck and we're crawling on me for the next 2 days

Stone Branch

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Jun 27, 2019
Lewis county, KY
Erhlichiosis is serious. I have a hound that got it when he was younger. Although he got better he never got back to 100%. Most of the folks I talked to that had hunting dogs with it said they never got back to what they were. From my understanding a dog can test positive up to a year later.

What sort of symptoms did infected dogs show?



Feb 12, 2022
Morehead, KY
I've been getting them off the hound and me both. I use this stuff called Ranger Ready from Amazon. It's kinda like Sawyer brand spray. Works real good. I've only got bit when I wasn't using it this year.


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Feb 18, 2014
I douse all my turkey hunting equipment with sawyers, let it dry and it's worked for me for years. Every once in a while Walmart puts Sawyers on clearance, I buy all I can get. I use it on garden boots, yard work sneakers.

Dark Cloud

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Aug 14, 2009
Lawrence Co.
I keep a gallon sprayer of permithrin mixed up ,use it all the time ,spray all around the house ,around where the dogs are ,use on the dogs too .


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Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
just to let ya know., its ok to spray horses or dogs with permithrin, mixed right, just not cats. dont want to get ya carried away.
too bad it dont work on politicians. or those that speak/lie for them. got a peppermint in mind.

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
I just pulled a dead tick off me. I haven’t worked cattle in a couple months I wonder how long that ivermectin pour on I got soaked in my shirt is going to keep working.

Seems like a win win. Just had some strange bowel movements for a couple days and very slight jaundice in my eyes 🤷‍♂️


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Nov 21, 2006
Fisherville, KY
This has got to be cheaper than monthly tick treatment. Where do you buy it and how much?
I think mine is Bayer Permectrin. Around $30 for half gallon from memory. I bought online. I don't spray it on my dog, but do use it as a perimeter treatment around my woodline. It's 10% I think. A couple of ounces per gallon.

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