Thursday roll call


6 pointer
Sep 10, 2007
After not seeing a dang thing yesterday, I really want to see some posts that they are moving now bc I will be back out tomorrow.

I hadn't seen much for 3 straight weeks . Yesterday at 8 am killed buck of last time running through woods


12 pointer
Sep 19, 2009
Harrodsburg, KY
Just left for work, thawing out. I didnt wear a big coat, so I could draw my bow. May have to gun hunt tomorrow, and add layers. I had one doe pass. Thought id see several this morning with the temps.


8 pointer
Oct 28, 2013
In the stand day dreaming about a stand that makes hot chocolate and the seat is like a heated leather seat of a Cadillac. So cold. No deer movement in anderson county.


6 pointer
Oct 14, 2009
sit tight guys. made a rookie mistake again today. heres the story. walking in in the dark got blown out. no big deal happens alot and still see/kill deer later. sit til 855 not seen a single thing, frustrated with hunting and getting up early every day not harvesting anything decide to climb down eat something then come back. well no sooner than me climbing down i look up when i get down on the ground to see a doe standing right in a shooting line i been watching all morning. so i pull my gun off my shoulder try to get it up without her noticing and she throws her tail up. moves over into a thicket. i see 2 more tails go up. then ill be damned if i didnt see 6 tails running away and one even blew at me. they didnt wind me but must have seen or heard me. anyways moral of the story is if u are in the tree stay in the tree which is obvious because its perfect conditions and its the rut. i knew i should have set all day i just got frustrated and decided to get out. ive been fortunate with this stand in that i see deer 90% of the time im actually about 100 yards from a bedding area. surely they will be back tonight. what do you all think? i dont see how me getting busted once would affect them since they are always in this spot day and night and i havent been busted there until now. any opinions?


Sep 18, 2012
Hunted this morning. Hear blowing,grunting, chasing, and all kinds of noise (sounded like a deer crashing) about 100 yards across the bottom before daylight. Had a about a 120" 8 walk right under my stand at first light, grunted in a small 7 and a broken 8. Things started to calm down that I about crapped myself because a guy shot about 200 yards away from me on the bordering property and I had no idea he was there. He must not have know i was there either because he actually walked toward my location to retrieve his deer, then decided to walk around in the field next to me and never noticed me until he was about 100 yards from me. Couldn't get a clean look at what he shot when he was dragging it out with the 4 wheeler. Then jumped 2 does bedded on my way out.


10 pointer
Nov 3, 2011
Western Ky
I took of work today and tomorrow I got to my blind on the edge of the bean field Where I hunted last week only seen one buck last week . Today there was no movement on that field for some reason I dont see many deer there until they harvest the beans. I went to another deer stand Before I even got to my stand I spotted a big buck about 150 yards. I tried getting a shot at him but he jumped the fence line didnt see him again. I believe I'm going back this evening where I seen him and hunt that field maybe he will come out. My Camera is not showing much movement since the 10th.


10 pointer
Sep 18, 2006
Settled in this afternoon in Muhlenberg. I have a fresh worked scrape close by and the does have been wearing out the corn.

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