This Is The Army's New Submachine Gun

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    This Is The Army's New Submachine Gun

    The American subsidiary of Swiss gunmaker B&T has won a multi-million-dollar contract to supply the U.S. Army with a variant of its 9mm APC9 submachine gun. For almost a year, the service has been evaluating a number of proposed weapons as part of an effort to give personal security details added firepower.

    The Army quietly announced that it had awarded B&T USA the deal, worth more than $2.5 million, on the U.S. government’s main contracting website FedBizOpps on Mar. 29, 2019, but did not specify which weapon specifically it was buying. A trusted source familiar with the contract confirmed the gun in question was a version of the APC9 PRO series, but could not say which model specifically. The Army now expects to purchase at least 350 of what it officially calls the Sub Compact Weapon, or SCW, with additional options to buy up to 1,000 of the guns in total. The order also includes unspecified accessories, spare parts, and services.

    The Army initially kicked off the SCW competition in May 2018, before canceling the project and quickly rebooting it in a revised form two months later. Along with B&T USA, its Swiss-headquartered parent company had also entered the SCW competition itself in partnership with Trident Rifles. The Army passed on that bid, along with other offers from Angstadt Arms, Global Ordnance, Shield Arms, and Sig Sauer all of which submitted entries, as well.

    Reports in 2018 had indicated that B&T, through Trident Rifles, had initially offered a variant of the company’s MP9 machine pistol. However, this gun has a side-folding stock, which would have disqualified it under the Army’s revised requirements.

    Though we don't know the exact configuration of the guns the Army is now buying, the APC9 PRO family of guns already includes a variant, the APC9 PRO K, that meets a number of the Army’s requirements, such as a barrel shorter than five and a half inches, a weight under seven pounds, and a stock that retracts and extends rather than folds to the side. B&T presently offers this gun with only a semi-automatic fire option, while any Army version would have a fully automatic mode.

    The APC9 PRO K.

    The PRO upgrades to the original APC9 series, which B&T was developing right as the Army’s SCW program was getting underway, might have made the Swiss gun attractive in many ways over its competitors. Most notably, the improved variant features a modular lower assembly that comes in three different flavors to accept different types of magazines. B&T also offers a wide array of other optional accessories to go with the updated design.

    The standard version uses B&T’s proprietary magazine design. There are two others available that can accept Glock pistol magazines and those for the Sig Sauer P320 series. The latter is particularly notable given that, in 2017, the Army picked versions of the P320 as its new standard sidearms as part of the Modular Handgun System (MHS) program.

    A graphic showing the various components available for the APC9 PRO series, including the lower receiver that works with Sig Sauer P320 magazines.

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    Hmm. 9 mm. I thought they were going with the MP 7 with a very small round less that 20 cal. Can't remember exactly 4.6 mm or something. Yeah. 4.6. A place here in KY a branch of Sig Sauer is manufacturing the ammo for it. Never shot one but i saw the ammo. Kinda clandestine operation w no name on the door, no sign no nothing. You drive by and think it's car parts.

    Waste more money changing stuff around constantly.
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    I want one. Then again, that applies to most new guns I see.
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    Yall need one of them bad to deer/yote hunt with....Just joking.
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    Sep 1, 2009
    Slap a big air tank on that bad boy and convert it to .177 then they have something. Just a thought!
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    Jul 1, 2018
    Looks like an airsoft gun..

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