The winds of change

bird whisperer

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Aug 16, 2012
Hog Town USA
For 25 years I have been a contractor. I have worked my ass off in hospitals all over this great country form 1996 to now.

From 2007 to 2019 I averaged 600 hrs of OT a year. In 2020 after furlow-ing for a total of 4 pay period I managed to log/ bill more than 800 hrs of OT. A few weeks ago I accepted an offer to go international. Last evening we set a start date. I am trading 6 weeks PTO for 3 weeks PTO. But I will be making super damn good money working form home and will be home everyday! No more will my doys ask Dady, do you work tomorrow “ who is watching us tomorrow”

From here on out I will drop them off for school and will be home when they get out of school.

I have missed most of my boys life and from here on out I will be there. Thats the most important part. No more will I be taking the whole month of January off to shoot ducks but I have killed a huge load of them suckers before now and now its time to teach the boys!!!! It will be a major change, but being home for the family and the farm is so important to me and I am pumped! Just wanted to share because this is my only form of social media and I still have to give notice on Monday. Being a manager in a small company I am giving 4 weeks notice. If they quash on that I guess I will be in the stand a few extra weeks at the open.
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