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The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?


12 pointer
Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
This is NOT the Jonathan Creek boat ramp.


12 pointer
Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
i like purple grapes, my great uncle had them, then my dad got some of the plants, then my sister. i was less that 11, the first time i et these grapes.;;
W.C. sliders, were 9 cents. St. Mathews., the 1st.time i et them.
the grapes, sold at the store's, just aint the same, as these. never will be. Hike's point was the place to go if you wanted Mc. Donalds. sorry to chat so much., just being nostalgic., turned 67 on the 29th. another dried out old turd.
boy though, i did burn the candle at both ends. an plan to. as to inspire others.
live a life that is full, or full of it. an i ram.

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