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The Red Wave, What Happened.....


12 pointer
Jul 21, 2009
At the workbench, Kentucky
So I listened to the Massie link. I'll give the guy the nod on calling out PRyan for being a Commie basically. However,..and this isn't necessarily a slam against Massie,..just an observation and goes along with my post on the Freedom Caucus. Scattered throughout this commentary is the use of the word "Conservative" as it is an extreme minority amongst the Republican party. He uses it in sentences like this "I Tried to explain to Kevin what conservatives want" :confused: I mean are you shittin me?? 🤨 In what world is this normal?...and if nothing else it is proof the R Party is over. All the kool-aid drinkers please turn out the lights when you finally figure it out.

As far has his support of KM...he's been up there long enough to know a few conservative outlaws and he should nominate one or sit the eff down.