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The Red Wave, What Happened.....


12 pointer
Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
Lol yeah, NO!!! Democrats in control it is a complete bendoverfest but then republicans are held to bipartisanship. Time for that to change or Republican Party to go away. They have been chamber of commie cronies and prostitutes for way to long.

Can’t spend the $$$ for a secure border but can line up behind their ol pal to launder money in ukriane. Piss on bipartisanship


12 pointer
Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
I think it’s called Bipartisanism. It’s a phenomenon where one works with other legislatures of other parties to develop legislation. Was a common practice among politicians prior to the 1994 Red Wave.
I commend you for how clueless you are with absolutely no hesitation to keep making a fool of your self. It’s precious.

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