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Nov 23, 2019
Guarding my lovely bluebirds
So, the nicest, old vet down the road bothered to quickly return my call this morning, as soon as he stepped away from his then current patient. With Brewster being a massive chocolate lab weighing in above 85lbs these days,

said vet wasn't too overly concerned that my beast had ingested between three through five (3-5) seedless, black, grapes this morning. To be cautious, though, he sent me upon, yes, Mission Pumpkin.

Knowing nothing at all but how to create some wicked looking Halloween sculptures with them, I have since learned a bit. For instance, when looking at canned pumpkin products, many times those contain squash, instead. So, as he suggested, I purchased pure pumpkin with no preservatives. I thought he meant real, raw pumpkin, amusing him to no end, to which he clarified canned pumpkin. Libby's I ended up locating:


He explained that since too much time had surpassed in order to induce vomiting to any benefit, this pumpkin would bind all up rather nicely. Wise old man. I went in and briefly met him, for it all, introducing him to my two guys and thanking him. He said to have his service call his cell phone tomorrow, if necessary. Good ole country vet!
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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
Had a car pull in my driveway last night with a spotlight shining, I figured, dang poachers. I grab my 10 billion candle power Predator light and gun and come out the door with boots and underwear on. Not sure whom was more surprised, the Deputy or me 😅.

Apparently somebody’s livestock was in the road… wasn’t mine and I think we were both glad of that, and to part ways. 🤦‍♂️