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Jun 28, 2012
What time? Feedin’ time!


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Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
This one comes from @koger but sounds like something that @barney would come up with. They are 2 wise old Owls.
If they ever got together, KNOWLEDGE would be spewing out.
Speaking of copperheads, I got bit once in my tractor shed. I had pulled my old Ram suv up and was boosting my tractor battery, when I walked by a pile of trash, and he whacked me, had on some thin canvas shoes. I killed him, then called a doc friend of mine, who told me to get up on the inside fender and pull a sparkplug wire off and stick it to the bite. I did and it hurt like hell. But it worked, the bite swelled up about like a wasper sting, slightly red, that was it. According to him, all snake venom has copper in the chemical makeup and acts negaitively with our electrical system that operates our nervous system, and if you get a electronc shock to it within 5 minutes Apparently the shock, changes the polarity of the venom, making it a inert liquid, still may have to deal with bacteria.

Anyone have anything to add to That??? I can't say he's "wrong" I learned better than That a long time ago.
i seen that in a tv show or movie once, cept jumper cables were used. that was probable a McGiver trick.
not saying it wont work,
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