The Oscar slap we missed last night


12 pointer
Nov 17, 2007
I swear the more I watch it the more it looks scripted. Now why they would do it, I have no clue. Just appears rehearsed to me.
Publicity is worth a lot. These awards shows are dead for the most part, until now. That said, i like both of these guys. If it was fake, its Hollywood and part of the deal and great for ratings.

If real, it’s unfortunate but a pretty minor altercation. Both parties did what they had to do. Smith showed a lot of restraint with a single strike. Rock played it as cool as possible under the circumstances. Edgy roasting is a normal part of comedy, and when walking that line things are going to happen. A haircut choice is fair game. When its due to an auto-immune disease, you may just get a response from the husband LOL. Will seemed to laugh it off initially until he saw his wife was hurt. (This is what made me think it was real) Switch flipped, it happens.


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Sep 23, 2005
In The Tree Next To Ya
Goog thing it was black on black or we'd have riots.
First thing I said at work last night. If a Nicholas Cage had walked onstage and popped him the media would have made it a circus of race baiting by now.

Not that I watch it anyways, but the roasting the last several years have gotten so outrageous that you just knew it eventually was gonna go too far with someone. However, I'm still going with my gut that the whole thing last night was a work....