The Cordoba House

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by maxcam, Jul 27, 2010.

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  3. Leland Conway suggested that if the mosque was built there, someone should build a Hooters on one side and a Piggly Wiggly restaurant on the other side of it. I think a Sonny's would be better than Piggly Wiggly though.
  4. I think its a slap in the face to the New Yorkers and the rest of the American people that died that day by the hands of Islamic Jihadist.
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    Allow it when all Islamic countries allow Christian Churches to be constructed anywhere we want.
  6. Yeah, that would be good...and I also like the Hooters being built next door, along with a Corkys BBQ joint...or any bbq joint that serves up some fine swine
  7. I don't mind saying that i think it sucks, but maybe that's just me...
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    Ya'll are slipping...

    Reading this reminded me of where I read......Muslim Family Day at Six Flags.

    So... I just googled it.... and yep...its true. On top of that... check out the date...September 12. Sorta just makes you speechless to have an event as this and it just happens to be on the day after 9 /11 date. Friggin ironic aint it....other than that I cant say what I really think.

    Heres some links....
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    Maybe NY will do us proud!

    redneck style...
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    Now that is funny! Seriously they are going to need some serious security around that place if it ever gets built.
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    I had better keep my thoughts to myself on what I think about this. Could cause me to get in trouble or something.
  12. I am countering the Muslim Day at Six Flags on 9/12 with my attendence at an Applseed shoot on 9/11 at Knob Creek:

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