The Coal Industry

Discussion in 'Politics' started by HuntressOfLight, Jul 31, 2020.

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    I do not know anything about the coal industry and can still easily ascertain that this would be a terrible thing, if passed and implemented. Why Democrats, and some Republicans, believe it is feasible to create vast spending bills, when all such leads to is a larger national debt is simply unacceptable and amounts to nothing more than a socialist redistribution of wealth, while simultaneously growing federal government, thereby multiplying national debt and eroding freedom. Perhaps Senator Duckworth means well, but she utterly lacks any business sense whatsoever and appears to be on the green train. Serious question: why do they hate the coal industry so very much?
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    Working for a coal company, I can tell you first hand, if MSHA was scaled back in proportion to the workforce and companies left in coal, the problem with coal would be much smaller. During the obama years the companies had to cut back and some went under, but MSHA got larger. We had/have some coal mines that went from 1 inspection per week, to daily inspections. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with safety, but when an inspector shows up you have to dedicate an employee with them for the time period they are there, and if more than 1 is there then you have more than 1 employee who can't do their job. They say coal is dirty and pollutes, but have no problem with tinseltown causing more pollution creating 1 action film than small towns will in a lifetime.
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    Just picture what would happen if the auto manufacturing industry left Central Kentucky...that would be a fair comparison to what did happen to Eastern Kentucky's economy when coal was driven out.
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    What would happen if Toyota closed down in Georgetown, ford in Louisville, more big factories closed down in other big city's, that will hurt
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    Yeah, I'm sure it will be great.....the Government is so good at solving problems.

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    What we need in East Ky is jobs! What good is a college education with nowhere to work. We need factories, we need good roads, we need recreation, we need restaurants, we need something the young people can do besides drink and do drugs. What she is proposing sounds good but we need something for the future. People can't live a decent life on government handouts. That would be a temporary fix, just like it's been for the past 75 years.
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    Then the country gives away yet another asset and industry for Red China to monopolize.
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