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Oct 10, 2004
Electric Avenue/Lion Co
We hope to be the official records keeping program of Kentucky as time goes on.

Our club is put together to recognize exceptional whitetails taken over the state of Kentucky.

Simple entry rules are Typicals scoring 140" net or higher

or Non-Typicals scoring 160" net or higher

$10 entry fee will get you a certificate you can frame and your deer entered into the online database.

We will be scoring trophies at the Jim Strader hunting show in Louisville

The John Michael Mongomery Show
in Bardstown Ky

and the Ky deer and turkey classic TBA

To all the scorers who have volunteered your time , we appreciate it, and hope you will continue. Sorry we had so many slow downs with the state, but that's politics for you.

For and update on the club and to get added to the scorers list so you can access the database and upload the trophies you take in.... Contact [email protected]

If you need your deer scored and can't make it to the above shows


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


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Dec 12, 2001
Booger Hollar
Ill try and bring mine to bardstown I dont think the taxidermist will have him finished but I can hopefully get the horns anyway.....................


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Jan 14, 2004
Incognito, ky, USA.
Ive got 3 neighbors that have taken big bucks but never got them officially scored. Mabey Ill see if I can get a couple for Lincoln Co.


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Oct 19, 2006
Henderson Co., KY
Will you be allowing entries from the past if they already have official documentation from P&Y or B&C? Would love to have my 2 whitetails entered(1 from '01 and another from '02). Both have scored above the 140" minimum-P&Y-that you mentioned. Sounds like a great club y'all are starting.

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