The big corn question...


Oct 23, 2009
Independence, Ky
I use corn and have killed some nice deer, bucks included.. They do visit it often I have found especially if you keep it there consistantly. If you don't hunt the land regularly I tried a mixture that I got from Parker 3D.. Mix Corn with Come'er deer liquid and then add the powder after the liquid is mixed in.. It makes a M&M style kernel with corn. Deer love it big and small. I have had huge success with that over the years.. I use it when I go on 3-4 day hunting trips. Put it in a active area with deer signs/present and they'll be there all day visiting like kids in a candy store!!


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Feb 20, 2005
Henderson, KY
I have been putting out food plots for the last 15 years. They only seem to last one year, two at the most, are expensive, labor intensive and dependent on the weather. I decided this year to invest in a feeder and give corn a try. So far I'm attracting a lot of does and a small buck or two. Like others have said, I figure if I can keep the does close by, the mature bucks will show up once the rut kicks in. I have to say I'm satisfied so far, plus it's a lot easier and cheaper.


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Aug 5, 2008
Feeders are the way to go if you use corn.
It keeps your scent off the corn and you only have to refill it once or twice during hunting season. But we use both feeders and piles. Don't have enough feeders to go around.


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Apr 21, 2008
boonville, Indiana
This is my first year putting out corn but in INdiana we have to have it out 2 weeks before we hunt that area. I have found that it attracted a lot of deer to the area while I had it out and they have stayed in that area now that the corn has been gone well over a month. Its like they got comfortable using that area when they were eating that corn so they've set it up as their "home area" which is good for this time of year cause the bucks are tearin it up. This is the first year I've seen this many scrapes by my stand. There could be all kinds of other reasons for this but I think the corn definitely helped. Havin said that, don't think I would hunt over corn and leave it out all season long. Like said earlier it does do well for trail cam pics too. Like everything else its opinion and everyone has one.


Dec 27, 2007
I us a corn feeder to get cam pics. Bigger bucks only eat it at night early season but from rut on they seem to eat at any time, day or night. Like already posted I wouldnt hunt it early but from about now to end of season it should be good. I tend to hunt brush during rut but during late muzzleloader season the feeders get worn out by all deer.
As for going in the area too much I have gotten late season pictures of mature bucks coming to it 6 hours after filling it up so they seem to kind of get used to it. I still try to make it a fast refill trip and wear rubber boots.
May 28, 2008
Scott County
it all depends on how the farm is set up, where is the bedding area and your stand location and how many times you hunt the stand and how you get to the stand. i have taken a 140 class and 150 class this year and last and both where coming to corn, and it was in the first of october both years. its just how you do it, it is a learning experience, some farms are just tough to hunt no matter what but corn and big bucks can be done.
Oct 31, 2009
I don't know what you guys are calling a "big" buck, but I had a 135" 10 pt step out on a old road bed that I had corn on and hold still just long enough to get a shot two years ago. So it does work, but you just have to look a each situation. What ever hold the does close this time of year works

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