The big corn question...


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Sep 7, 2009
hick town,ky
Depends were you put your corn out would be the good or bad factor,never put It In beding areas.And If you only have a small amount of land and It has a good food source I wouldnt go In the area all the time to put corn out,I would just go when It was the better days to hunt It,dont over do it
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Nov 3, 2008
i read in outdoor life that putting corn out is a bad idea....because they said that bucks will associate it with humans and go nocturnal....or atleast that is what the study was....but they said that the older bucks will go more nocturnal than younger in my opinion its a bad idea


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Oct 28, 2009
i never have had any big bucks eat my corn during the day while i was there hunting have had alot of does and small bucks eat it. but most the time they eat it at night and most the bucks i have killed stayed away from the corn. but its good to have out cause when acorns and other stuff are gone they gotta eat something but you gotta get it out early


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Jan 13, 2009
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I have never killed a big buck that was eating on my corn pile, but I have seen big bucks in the general vicinity of the corn that were following does. During the rut, particularly the seeking and chasing phase, any available resource you have that will help to bring in and keep the does on your property will always increase your chances of laying eyes on the buck you're after. I say go for it!


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Nov 11, 2007
Bullitt Co.
I have been putting corn out for several months. Bow hunted and now waiting for gun. Going out today to add more. I don't think it bothers the deer. I have pics with deer eating all day and night.


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Aug 18, 2008
Zone 1
I love it for late season. It helps me tag out quicker. However, I have had some nice bucks come in this time of year. I already used my buck tag though.


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Oct 28, 2004
Metcalfe Co. Ky
Their has been several big bucks killed in corn.I have friend in green county who kills a mounter every year useing a cornpile..mounter being 120 to 140 class.......


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Nov 29, 2003
Evans Family Farm
Most of the guys I know including myself use corn to lure the deer into the general area. We rarely kill a mature buck right over the corn, but it keeps them close by and keeps the does around. It also works great for getting trail cam pics. My experience is that every place is different. I have some spots where the deer are almost waiting on me to put more out and other spots that always have plenty of corn left.


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Oct 29, 2008
Jonesville VA
My theory is if the does keep coming back to your property eating the corn then the does will lead the bucks there in rut.

My train of thought also. I never hunt directly over the corn in the early season. ( Sept, Oct, Nov.) I hang stands in travel corridors. Late season, (Dec.) I hunt over the corn.

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