The "best" shell for ducks?


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Dec 27, 2008
Amr40509 get you a few more boxs of kent faststeel but in bb....i know people thinks it to big but ive killed hundards of ducks with it it brings them out of the sky....just go boom boom boom....forget all the other stuff......
Aug 18, 2012
Gents- Point being, he asked what would we shoot. I was stating my preferred loads and reasons. I shoot the same choke tube (carlson extended LM) and I have an o/u that I shoot the Carlsons extended waterfowl. If I am sticking with 3" and the loads he stated above then I am going to pick the fastest one. He didn't list the velocities. But nonetheless we generated some good (and very scientific) discussion.

I can't state specific physics principles to you, just observation from shooting several different loads last year and killing 147 ducks and 45 canadian geese last season in Oklahoma. The faster the better, short distance or long. I patterned quite a few different loads and went with what shot best and was within my budget. The 1625 fps performed head and shoulders above the rest. Reduced leads, greater energy (even if it sheds energy quicker), and 1 1/4 isn't giving up much in payload if you pattern your gun and shoot the right choke... and again $14 a box for 25, thats VALUE.


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Sep 11, 2011
Physics are the same in this state as any other. That is unless you are in a state of confusion.

this is funny! to the TS, buy different boxes of shells until you find some that you like. There is no formula for that. They will all kill ducks, what fits you and your gun should decide what you shoot. 3 inch hevi metal 2s - 4s or xperts 2 - 4.


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Jan 29, 2010
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I use Hevishot 3" #2's on everything and I absolutely love them. I also use a Benelli factory choke or the Hevishot midrange waterfowl choke.


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Jul 18, 2003
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I keep a supply of 3" #2 1-3/8 oz. on hand this time of year. Made the switch this year to Kent from Drylok in previous years. I shoot these at geese and ducks without any issue out of my 11-87 Super Mag with the factory Remington full choke.


May 4, 2012
Elizabethtown, KY
Everyone has their own preferences. Even though they are dirty as hell, I really like shooting Black Cloud #3s for ducks. I don't cripple many and definitely have the range when I go for doubles on ducks escaping out of the hole. Granted, I shoot 3 1/2in shells with the new Patternmaster Black Cloud choke tube. So, I like to believe that my shooting is a piece of excellent shooting and not the fact that I am shooting at ducks with a small howizter!

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