The Army's doing it all wrong!

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by TripleGee, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. TripleGee

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    Sep 13, 2003
    My apologies to Grouser and Keith.

    I want to apologize for getting "disturbed" and trying to explain this hidden rage mindset in such a way as to maybe insult you two guys. I got a little frustrated, mostly at myself, for not being able to explain it correctly. BY the way, "Bill" was not a pseudo thingy for myself, it is for someone I actually do know and he is super spooky. I ask you(r) forgiveness and this will be my last post as I'm sure I've gotten the mods attention by now. Have a good night's sleep.
  2. YOu shouldnt be sorry and this shouldnt be ur last post. WE are over here fighting for your right to free speech. you didnt offend me. Alot of people are getting crapped on in our country and losing their jobs. If you seriously think about it I think it all has came from 9-11. ever since the economys been bad becuz we are fighting a war over here. Im sure alot of disgruntled older americans would love to come here to afghanistan and kick some butt. we have people that join that are older too so its just not the 18 and 19 years olds. you didnt offend me at all. u have your right to ur say :) dont quit being an active member
  3. keith meador

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    Dude, you don't have me upset. Understand this. The last person the military, or myself wants on the front line is a half bent, rage infused half cocked time bomb. Thinking and reacting under pressure is what the training does for you. I guess I should explain that the person you describe should never end up in that situation from the beginning. Those kind of people cost lives. When the rage comes out, and that individual starts reacting on emotion, they tend to either lash out in a manner that is risky to themselves and the ones around them, or they withdraw to their happy place and become non effective.

    I do understand your thought process. In your mind, we should send all the mad guys over there to whoop some tail. Kinda like telling red necks the Taliban tastes like chicken and you get a free 12 pack for every Taliban you kill. Maybe tell the redneck the taliban is responsible for the high diesel prices and thats why he has to sit in his truck at the local hang out instead of ripping up and down the street belching black smoke from his stacks.

    There are two types of badasses in this world. The mad ones, and the scared ones. IF you really want someone to go and fight on your behalf, send the scared guy. Someone that is mad is usually past the point of reason, and will not think clearly. Someone that is scared will kill you or will kill the threat to them.
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    Nov 8, 2004
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    Triple, let me try to explain it. You mention Bill had a breaking point and once he met that point he was out of control. How do you harness something that is out of control? Bill has been around for years and has figured life out, so how can he be molded to do things his body says is unnatural, like running into a hail of bullets? He is set in his ways, how does he react when a DI is trying to train him to conform to military ways and uses disrespectful terms about is no good lowlife family in the process?

    I am a Marine that went in right after high school. I was immediatly broken down of all habits I had, and molded up into what they wanted. Now I am almost 30, and if someone talked to me the way they had, or laid their hands on me the way they did, I wouldn't stand for it. I have enough life experience to know I'm not putting up with that type of crap.

    Would it suprise you to know that the older you are when you join the military (at least Marines) the less likely you are to graduate bootcamp? Not because of physical fitness issues, but because of the inabilty to mentally conform to military life.
  5. grouser68

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    Jan 29, 2006
    I am not offended.I have lost it before, had tunnel vision, seen red, and very hard to calm, but never while in uniform, and most certainly never while under fire from the enemy. While things happen in a battle that upset, or anger, you always stay focused on the mission, and what needs to happen next.Being scared like Keith said is a given when the booms n bangs, dust n smoke are all around, but you have to stay focused, losing control would be the worst thing you could do.

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