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Thanksgiving who's still at it


10 pointer
Sep 29, 2013
Count me in just pulled into my farm going to give it a shot this morning been a tough season for me I thought it was supposed to be warmer this morning wroung 25 here were I am good luck everyone who is out


Nov 16, 2014
Eastern, KY
Back again this morning, first time back since Sunday, I have seen some smaller bucks chasing in 4 sits last weekend, hopefully the big boys move this morning.


6 pointer
Feb 13, 2020
East ky
I have yet to see any rut action, but I have seen several bucks. Already planning on getting it done early next year. Ready for the night coyote season opener.,. Every yote is shooter
Sep 11, 2019
In public on Adair, tucked into a bedding area still hoping for a buck . Not asking for much, just something a little bugger than the spikes and forums I've been passing World war three just started with the duck hunters lol


12 pointer
Nov 20, 2009
Clay County
Boy had a rough day yesterday, but it was a good learning lesson for him. He missed a spike, twice, yesterday morning. He is pretty rough on his self, but we done alot of talking yesterday. He wanted to go back yesterday evening, hadn't been in blind 5 minutes before a bigger buck came out. He made what appeared to be a good shot. Slightly quartering to, mule kicked when shot, took off with front left leg just flopping. But, no blood until about 45 yards away and then only one pile.


12 pointer
Dec 1, 2006
Kornfield County,KY
Here is a doe at first light on Thanksgiving day. Good Luck to all

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