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6 pointer
Dec 5, 2003
Springfield, Kentucky.
I connected on my biggest buck to date. First 10 pt. Got home from work at 240, checked the forum and people were talking about deer activity picking up after the rain passed through. I checked the radar and it was supposed to end by 310. So I skipped a shower and put my hunting clothes on and hit the road. I got to the farm at 315. I walked 25 yards from my truck and saw a doe step out into an opening 150 yds down a hill. Then another. They kept going into cover and coming back out. I decided to watch a little bit. After about 10 minutes I saw a third deer move behind a big cedar. It stepped out. I was very disappointed when a 6 pt stepped out. As I pondered which stand to go to, a nice mature 10 pt stepped out. He was quartering toward me. I put the crosshairs on him and pulled the trigger. The rest is history... uploadfromtaptalk1447901767291.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1447901793771.jpg

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12 pointer
Aug 18, 2008
Zone 1
Congrats......sometimes you just never know where a big buck will show up at. That's what makes the rut interesting to hunt.

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