Taxidermy for a bobcat

Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by Tankt, Aug 8, 2021.

  1. Tankt

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    Dec 26, 2019
    First things first....I will NOT be using Haves lol.

    I talked to the owner of the new farm that I have to hunt and he really wants me to thin out the bobcats. I have no real interest in it other than one for a mount. I think I read that they are good to eat but really don't know if that is a joke or not.

    So, how much would a full body mount run? Can anyone recommend a taxidermist? farm is 550 acres so that's a score for me. Bummer is it's an hour away but I am definitely going to hunt there some. He told me to bring the dogs for some rabbits too so I am pretty excited about it.
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  2. Feedman

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    May 28, 2003
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    Well your first sentence just ruined it for everyone!!!!!

    Good luck at the new farm
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  3. Dang,haves is pretty slick
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  4. muddhunter

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    Oct 18, 2005
    @1wildcatfan can probably put you on a good one. I'm not too sure there are any in Ky that can make a decent bobcat mount. I've never seen one anyway.
  5. 00noturkey

    00noturkey 12 pointer

    Oct 31, 2011
    High Grove
    i seen a mount on this forum, here that was impressive. maybe two.
  6. CHL

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    Jul 14, 2008
    Central KY

    Send him out west in my opinion. Dewey Wildlife in Cody, WY or Phil Soucy in MT.
  7. Feedman

    Feedman Cyber-Hunter

    May 28, 2003
    In the basement
    Those are awesome mounts!!!
  8. woodsman92

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    Feb 16, 2019
    Russell Co
    I’ve seen a lot of bad bobcat mounts. That is one thing where quality really comes with a price. I couldn’t tell you a price but I think they should be in like the ballpark of 900.
    The only taxidermist I’ve seen multiple good bobcat mounts from firsthand is Gerry Wethington in Columbia. I killed one a few years ago, I wasn’t interested in paying for the mount so he mounted it and put it in his showroom. You can go to his shop and see some of his work before giving him your business.
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  9. Coot_Meurer

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    Nov 4, 2006
    Not here anymore
    Amy’s Animal Arts in NC. Outstanding skill level on cats. Everyone of her cats looks like it could jump up and run away.
    But she ain’t cheap.

    As to eating, a female cat is some really good tasting almost pink like pork flesh. A young of the year male is almost as good. A mature Tom can be ok but can also be really rank - always a guessing game

    My first cat was money wasted. Ended up eventually donating it to Camp Dick Robinson Elementary School for their trophy case (they are “The Bobcats”). Just got to where I couldn’t stand to look at it anymore.

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