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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by KYhunter87, Sep 6, 2017.

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    How about this:
    Zones 1 an 2 30 days of gun season. 2 does an 1 buck per license. Unlimited extra doe tags you could purchase
    Zone 3 21 days of gun season. Doe only the last 7 days
    Zone 4 season stays the same
  2. jeepndeer

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    Nov 19, 2006
    One thing is for certain, we can talk about all sorts of options, but letting your commissioner know is what makes a difference.

    There is already no "limit" or daily "bag limit" for doe in zone 1 as long as you have the tags for it. Given what we spend for hunting, I don't understand why some fuss so much about 2 for $15, but if that's a hurdle and lowering it makes a difference, go for it.

    I'd support some sort of extra doe season, being a dedicated doe only, I think more people are likely to take advantage of the extra opportunitiy. I don't personally care for the September idea. Go for after current rifle season.

    I'm all for more officers!
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    I can't speak for others, but for me personally there's just no incintive to kill a bunch of does. I'm not depending on the meat to feed my family and donating a deer costs money. If the department really wants joe weekend hunter to kill does the only sure fire way is a system like earn a buck or similar... I hope we never go to anything like that, but I can tell you those folks who aren't killing does in November/December aren't any more likely to do it in September when it's 90 out.
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    I would have no interest in making orphans out of young fawns two months before gun season on top of the fact I personally am not going to hunt before a frost. I know I'm just one guy but no way it would get my vote- of course I don't get one lol.

    It is a problem for sure. Lots of good points made here. I think zone 1 counties offer plenty of opportunities but hunters don't want to shoot more does. The ones who I'm not sure of a viable solution but I don't see a September firearms season being of much help.
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    Jul 29, 2014
    A September season is stupid. Who wants to deal with a bunch of does with it 90 out. They should do a late season doe only rifle season in December or January even and allow you to earn preference points toward some second buck quota hunts spread across the state if you get a doe during the hunt.
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    Crossbows ... I'm all for it as I was 12 years ago ...won't change how or what I hunt with at present. But it gives a good option for many.

    I think a September modern gun doe season is not a good idea for many reasons already mentioned ... temps and trying to work up deer is a big negetive. I also think with the trophy mentality and in a lot of ways cultivated by KDF&WR's... most won't buy into shooting does this early if your tatgeting a particular buck.

    In turn... I know many have stated supporting a late doe season like January. I can't say I'm all in on that for the fact the majority of does are bred by then. So your more than likely killing two deer as the doe is pregnant.

    Which I don't know what a good answer for this is but I've thought several times it's going to have to be tied to your buck tag in some fashion. Which I've thought too maybe we're at a point to handle a second buck for zones 1 & 2 specifically.... maybe make it an earn a 2nd buck tag by killing x-amount does before you would qualify.

    Again just a thought .. maybe not a good one.. but the only way we're going to harvest more does is put some incentive to do it. I believe a 2nd buck tag would be just that.
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    Agree. How would the kdfwr police that? I like the idea of earning a second buck tag,but without physically checking in a harvest like we did in the old days,those that wanted to cheat the system would just go buy the extra doe tags and report a phantom kill to get a confirmation number.
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    Jun 12, 2005
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    I don't disagree that it could be manipulated by calling in a phantom doe harvest to Telecheck. Which I like to think most hunters are honorable and do the right thing. But I know there's some that wouldn't.

    Which possibly... it could be tied into the Hunters for the Hungry program. Other words .. varification by receipt as you donate. Being after x-amount of does donated / receipts given... a 2nd buck tag awarded.

    Which again.... didn't say this was a grand idea without its own issues. But I just don't think adding a special doe season or extending present seasons will make a dent where needed. There's got to be some type of incentive to get hunters to shoot more does or basically it ain't happening.
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    The post says zone 1, zone 1 is already unlimited.

    There will never be an earn an extra buck scenario. This states incredible deer herd was founded on 1 buck.
  10. JDMiller

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    Jun 12, 2005
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    Never is an awfully long time.. lol.

    Which the insurance companies and farmers don't care if it's a buck, doe or fawn... their all deer and the bottom line is they want less deer in zone one especially.

    Which the one buck rule has contributed to trophy bucks in Ky. It didn't on its own grow the deer heard.. fact is restocking efforts & populations boomed in the late 80's -early 90's when we could kill 2 bucks. The one buck rule just made hunters selective concerning antlers.
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  11. EdLongshanks

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    Earn a buck tag seems like it would be the only strategy to increase the number of does killed. Hell, they are begging hunters in zone 1 to kill "unlimited" numbers of does and it seems to have no impact.
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    September doe season won't move the needle much. As has been stated, it's already unlimited and they can't get anyone to shoot does. Which always surprises me because reading this forum you'd think everyone in Kentucky depends on deer season to feed their family.
    There are some secondary effects as well. Following years of being lied to by hunters promising to kill does (while really just hunting bucks)in exchange for access, zone 1 landowners are shutting off access. It's just not worth having people on your property for no reason other than their "target buck" needs. There are dozens of 100-500 acre properties around me with very limited hunting. I eat breakfast with some of the larger farmers a couple times a week. I'm sure their employees have some access, but otherwise they are jaded about deer. They have a problem with deer eating crops, but managing people on leased land is just another headache they don't have time for. The little old lady landowner is definitely not on board either, and the little old ladies seem to own 80% of it haha.
    Nothing is going to change in zone 1. There is simply not enough people interested in killing enough does. It would require killing tens of thousands of deer. Maybe even into the hundred thousands. That will never, ever happen.
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  14. 120+

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    I'm not in a zone 1 but I thought it was one per day.

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