Tale of the Hunt


Sep 1, 2022
Means Ky
Just thought I would share my seasons story with anyone who was interested and like me and wants to read lol.
I started off the season with some nice bucks on camera I’m velvet so when season opened I had patterned a nice 8 point that my son was dying to get a shot at. The buck disappears for a week and while he was gone I slipped in, hung my son a lock on m, trimmed some shooting lanes and then waited for him to come back. Just as I had expected he was out rubbing off his velvet. So on the afternoon of Sept 14th the wind was perfect, my son came in from work, I told him everything was set up, get your gear and go after that buck. Sure enough things went perfect, 30 mins before dark the buck comes down the same trail as before, 20 yards broadside with a steep shot from being 30’ up, Lidge makes a great shot. After a short track job of about 100 yards we recover his target buck. Happy Happy Happy was the both of us!

Now it’s my turn, also having several shooter bucks on camera I start the journey. I pass buck after buck after buck for weeks, not shooting any does for the freezer, waiting on the rut. During the rut once again passing several bucks that most would shoot, one of the target bucks came in but shooting light has faded and I wouldn’t chance the shot. I have been very limited on private ground and only had two small parcels of land to hunt, one I own is 38 acres and the other is the neighbors and it’s only 5 acres of woods. I know where the bucks I want are bedding but I’ve got no permission, so I continue to alternate stand locations all the way through December with about 45 sits under me in the saddle, nothing! One afternoon I was doing some blacksmith work for a family I have worked for for over 20 years and was telling him my hunting woes, the next day I get a call and was told I had permission on a 450 acre urban farm right in the city limits. I am pumped up and the farmer says I am overrun with deer, please kill some. That’s what every hunter wants to hear lol! So I go in for my first hunt, more deer tracks and poop that I have ever seen in my life. I pick a spot, my wife says you need to quit passing and start putting meat in the freezer, we only have one and we usually eat 4 or 5 a year. So long story shortened my first sit I see 2 does, the next sit I see 5 bucks and 4 does, a doe offers a shot so I took it. Freezer meat finally. Work gets me for a few days so this is the last week of our season and I’m at it hard, I go in yesterday afternoon and go sit up where I saw the bucks travel too a few days before. Sure enough 45 mins later out walks a buck, then another, then another, then another and then the biggest one, 5 bucks in a line walking straight for my shooting lane. 15 mins later I decide to take the biggest buck standing 23 yards, made contact, heart shot and watch him fall 40 yards away. Text my wife and boy and told them he wasn’t a big one but pretty nice. 20 mins later while waiting on my drag team, here come 3 does the opposite direction and walk right to the very spot I just shot the buck standing over my arrow sticking in the ground. So I pulled the string, let the arrow fly, another perfect hit, 25 yards and piles up. God Blessed me with a terrific season and I am thankful! Just thought I would share for anyone interested, thanks for reading and God Bless!

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