Taking the vax?

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by kyhunter99, Dec 15, 2020.

Will you get the vax

  1. Yes

    30 vote(s)
  2. No

    44 vote(s)
  3. Not right away

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  4. Undecided

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  1. mudhole crossing

    mudhole crossing 12 pointer

    Aug 20, 2007
    East ky
    My dr and my bil (who is a dr too) both encouraged me when it was available to me take it so I did. It may kill me tomorrow. Never know I guess.
  2. Feedman

    Feedman Cyber-Hunter

    May 28, 2003
    In the basement
    I remember you saying something a while back about your wife maybe getting knee replacements. Has she not had the surgery. Bone on Bone is very painful plus arthritis that has to really hurt.
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  3. HuntressOfLight

    HuntressOfLight 12 pointer

    Nov 23, 2019
    Guarding my lovely bluebirds
    People influenced by evil spirits will do anything for enough $$$, and quite frequently for no $$$ whatsoever, while $$$ does remain the root of all evil. History has proven that truth time and time again; such continues to this day and likely shall after many of us take our last breaths. I believe that our young country has managed to retain enough principles so as to refrain from permitting us to become intentionally injected with the type of biological weapon in which you have described, though.

    That stated, I also believe that other countries continue to create and manufacture biological weapons and further believe that anyone even remotely considering that our country refrains from doing the same is merely living within a pipe dream fantasy world. It would be quite illogical for us to not invest vast funds toward the development of such, while highly aware that our enemies do the same. If we do not develop them, we possess no means of rapidly developing antidotes, which may possibly be close to those necessary for our enemies biological weapons, once utilized upon either us and/or our allies.

    I simply do not believe it wise for our citizens to alter our bodies, which could so very easily alter offspring forever and thereby potentially generations to follow in ways that we have absolutely no means of foreseeing. The human body possesses miraculous healing abilities within and of itself, if it is well cared for by us, as if it is a temple of God. Prayer most certainly goes a long way with regards to our health, as well.
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  4. CRFmxracer

    CRFmxracer 12 pointer

    Sep 9, 2010
    louisville kentucky
    Both my parents have had their first shots. My grandpa has had both
  5. DH13

    DH13 12 pointer

    Jan 13, 2012
    Shelby county
    NO not at all. I took shots in the military that we didnt even know what it was for.
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  6. rcb216

    rcb216 12 pointer

    Sep 25, 2005
    Robertson Co.
    I’m not getting them unless the wrestle me down and force it into me. And to do that they have to catch me without my side arm so they will have to jerk me outa the shower then it’ll be awkward. I’m a big ole boy
  7. Lady Hunter

    Lady Hunter 12 pointer

    Jan 12, 2009
    Actually yes. But I'm more afraid of getting covid. Ended up with pneumonia after catching the flu the last 2 times. Covid would probably kill me.
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  8. HuntressOfLight

    HuntressOfLight 12 pointer

    Nov 23, 2019
    Guarding my lovely bluebirds
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  9. bigbonner

    bigbonner 12 pointer

    Aug 5, 2015
    She needs to loose some weight first and that is hard to do when you can not walk normal. We don't eat much but I guess what we cook sticks to our ribs.
    We eat a light breakfast and a light supper and rarely have a snack. Doctors are saying she is too young for knee replacements.
    I believe her arthritis was caused by her working hard in tobacco. She handed up in the field , off the wagons and we stripped most of our crop ourselves.
    She could unload a 20' wagon load of tobacco as fast as I could take it and we would have it unloaded in 20 minutes. She used to be able to bend over and place her hand flat on the floor. She is in a lot of pain but does not take any pain meds. What ever I was doing she would be right there beside me helping. She used to like hunting but can not go any more and I miss taking her.
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  10. Trapper Delk

    Trapper Delk 12 pointer

    Feb 10, 2020
    Central Kentucky.
    That's what I been saying,
  11. carnivore

    carnivore 12 pointer

    Nov 17, 2007
    Im still having issues from getting covid (noone else in my office is though). Dizziness nausea and confusion spells. Im dealing with it but it isnt getting better. I cant say the risk from the vaccine will be greater or less than the risk of getting covid, but i can tell you i dont want to get covid again. If i decide to get the vaccine I sure as hell am not going until things settle down, and watch to see it play out and the side effects that occur.
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  12. Feedman

    Feedman Cyber-Hunter

    May 28, 2003
    In the basement
    I havent decided yet on getting the vaccine. When I do decide, no shot in the arm for me, No Sir, I want mine in my BUTT!!!!!
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  13. HuntressOfLight

    HuntressOfLight 12 pointer

    Nov 23, 2019
    Guarding my lovely bluebirds
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  14. barney

    barney 12 pointer

    Oct 11, 2005
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  15. Danno

    Danno Spike

    Oct 20, 2020
    Jefferson county
    Okay this meme needs to be a shirt, for the love of God someone please make this.... I'll pay, oh sweet Jesus I'll pay

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