Taking pictures with spotting scope (digiscoping)

Nov 8, 2012
I got a nice spotting scope for Christmas and I have been reading about how to use it to take pictures of game that is far off in the distance. Has anyone ever tried this technique and would you have any tips or suggestions about how to do this? I read about some adapters that will hold the camera in place, as well as block any light that might leak in between the camera and the eyepiece. I have and 8 megapixel Sony camera that I will be using. Thanks.


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Feb 17, 2008
I got the Cabela's digiscope adaptor a couple of years ago and tried it. I have a Sony Cyber-Shot and some other kind of camera I can't find right now. Most of my pictures were out of focus. The problem was that I couldn't tell that from looking in the view finder screen. The focus on the spotting scope needed tweaking but you can't tell that without removing the camera and looking directly through the spotting scope eyepiece. The non-Sony camera has a battery saving feature that turns the camera off after a couple of minutes. Of course when it turns off the lens tries to retract and that's how it's attached to the scope so that didn't work at all. Another problem was that if the spotting scope was adjusted for a high power (mine is 20-60) then just depressing the button to take the picture caused enough movement to make the picture fuzzy. Some folks use a cable to fire the camera remotely but my camera isn't set up for that feature. I think I can figure out how to improve my results but I'm also thinking I probably need a high or higher end camera to do it. I hope to work on the learning curve this spring. If you figure it out I hope you post your hints. Good luck with it.
Nov 8, 2012
First attempt with digiscoping. I have yet to decide on a camera adapter to hold my digital camera in place. I took these with my iPhone, then cropped out the vignette. The spike was about 200 yds away with the scope zoomed in at 30x. The little six was about 300-350 yds away with the scope on 30x as well.

IMG_1310.jpg IMG_1311.jpg IMG_1312.jpg IMG_1317.jpg
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