Sunday roll call


8 pointer
Sep 15, 2011
Western Ky
Seen three so far here in McLean Co. Small 4 point a doe and a shooter that stayed just out of how range. All quiet for awhile now. Heard several shots


8 pointer
Oct 26, 2014
Wolfe Creek, Ky
On stand until 3 yesterday, I young 8 and a doe. A spike so far this morning. Up all nite with a stomach big but hoping I can make the all dayer today. Good luck and be safe guys and gals.


Feb 13, 2011
Shot a doe this morning at 7:30. Really wanted to wait but my son kept wanting me to shoot it b/c he was cold. If I hadn't felt the whole ladder stand shaking from him, I would have waited a while. But I got all week to go by myself.


12 pointer
Aug 1, 2009
Jackson, ky
Sitting here about to give up. Had a nice little buck walk out. I stopped him with a grunt and wifey whacked him with the AR. Looked like a perfect shot, broadside about 50 yards. He flinched hard and jumped straight up, ran off just out of sight in the timber and we heard him crash. Wife is so excited she's about to jump out of the tree! Going to give it 10 minutes and go drag him out. Stand by pics!!
Sep 22, 2013
Nothing this morning in Johnson County! I'm not leaving the stand today, so I'm keeping a positive outlook! Even the amount of shots from other farms in the area is much lower than usual. Maybe they are just sleeping

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12 pointer
Aug 23, 2011
I saw 4 yotes early. Could not get a shot due to fog that didn't lift til 7:00. Saw only one doe and it got shot a little later
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10 pointer
Nov 3, 2011
Western Ky
I quit at nine I got hungry lol. I seen small eight point and another almost a shooter chasing 3 does. Waited to see if another buck would be behind them but no luck.


12 pointer
Sep 19, 2009
Harrodsburg, KY
Just the small fork buck early. Just left, new scrape 5 ft to the right of other one under my stand. Wasnt there yesterday. Slowest morning for me all season.


12 pointer
Dec 26, 2004
Western Ky.
I had a strange morning...

I get in the stand and I see there are a few deer in the field at 200 yards. I can tell one is a bigger body and is pushing a doe. They all left before it was shooting light. Once light a small 5 point buck and 3 does are in the field when a coyote crosses and the deer are all just fixed on it but none run. The yote leaves and the small buck crossed grown up draw into the next field and I hear two shots. So I'm thinking it was the guy I see yesterday who I thought was a trespasser. I continue to hunt and after an hour and a half I see 3 orange vest in the thicket. I'm thinking its some guys that live across the road that have been habitual trespassers.....So, I get down ready to run them off when I see its 3 kids. I ask if they had permission and they did. Seems the land owner forgot who was hunting where so we are hunting the same area....

Anyway...I ask if they need help tracking and we all go about looking for specks of blood. A shot time later the youngest boy said "there he is". He was alive but his head was up and wobbly. None of them have a gun so I said you can have my gun and shoot it. We start to walk around to get a better shot when this thing exploded. It happened so fast. One boy fell backwards and the girl was knocked down when the deer ran into her. The deer fell again and a final shot was made to end it.

It was funny when it was over. They were nice, respectful kids and I wished them luck. Not how I thought the day would go but one to remember.


Apr 13, 2008
It's hard seeing all these pictures on Facebook and here when your across the country

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