Sunday morning roll call


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Aug 7, 2013
Time change had me looking at the ceiling long before sunrise. Whispered to the wife you'd probably sleep longer if I wasn't tossing and turning. She took the bait and I'm up a tree in clark county. Just noticing how much more exposed I am due to leaves hitting the ground. Good luck. I went yesterday for 5 hours and got blanked.
Nov 13, 2014
Set up in a fencerow between a bedding and feeding area. Currently see 5 out in field. Believe one may be good buck we've been waiting on based on pictures. Too foggy to tell just yet.

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Jun 14, 2009
Louisville, Kentucky
Spencer/Nelson border represented again! Got in just before sunrise (thanks to my buddy reminding me about time change). Turkeys are talking. Hoping to see a new buck I had on cam Friday.


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Nov 7, 2009
I'm out in stand wife killed 10 out of earlier in week....funny how it is best spot on farm and I'm just now getting to hunt it. No deer yet but seen 2 does in hay field driving in
Nov 13, 2014
Buck turned out to be a 2.5 yr. Old we call No Brow. After feeding a bit he came over to a group of does and pushed one around a bit! Finally some action!

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Nov 28, 2011
3 years ago today I killed my largest archery buck at about 830ish, that was a Thursday then. I pulled cards yesterday and on 2 different stands had day light pics of shooters in the morning....fmw I almost hunted Thursday morning too

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Apr 3, 2007
Im getting ready to head out and look for the main beam that my buck yesterday broke off after I shot him. Good luck everyone.
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Nov 28, 2014
western ky
Sitting on a new food plot/field I put in on the edge of sanctuary, not too foggy here, just squirrels so far. They sure do like the corn I am supplementing this first year food plot with. Nothing in woods yesterday, so I thought I may as well try staging spot between cut beans and thick stuff. Good luck.

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