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Feb 25, 2003
evansville, ind
Amanda, thankfully there is a good bunch of birds this season to deal with, including a great jake population.. Good advise given here. Some observations i have going into my 27th season are:
Turkeys can hear you think and see you change your mind( OK a bit of an exaggeration)
You will kill turkeys you didn't earn and earn turkeys you didn't kill.
Be prepared to get aggravated on public ground, but hang tough and most will head home for some grub.
Be sure to get down on the stock when you shoot, its easy to be mesmerized at the size and beauty of a gobbler and look over bead when one pulls the trigger.
spray hunting garb down TODAY with tick spray that can be bought at any sporting goods!
It gets warm quick so drink plenty.
Good luck!
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Mar 29, 2016
Daviess County
Thanks you guys, I'm actually using a bow to hunt. I went out to the archery range in Owensboro and hit my turkey target a few times. All kill shots. One right through the neck (lucky shot).


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Jun 28, 2012
Thanks you guys, I'm actually using a bow to hunt. I went out to the archery range in Owensboro and hit my turkey target a few times. All kill shots. One right through the neck (lucky shot).

You sound just lucky enough to get it done first time out. Post a pic when you do.


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Feb 4, 2008
So you've never been turkey hunting or hunted anything else and you are going to bow hunt your first bird. Good luck.

Seriously, movement is the number one spoiler of most turkey hunts. The calling part is important but not as much as having patience and not moving or fidgeting around. Then of course there is your setup, how the turkey responds to your call, the terrain and whether there are any hens around close by. After 30 years of hunting them I can tell you that mistakes will be made. I still make them although not as many as I once did.


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Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
Turkeys are one of the easiest critters in Ky to hunt. You will hear how well they can see, bs. You will hear how to call but i have been in woods for many many years, those hens make funny sounds. Do not sound like tv pro's either.

Bottom line is, turkeys are pretty dumb. Can't see or care as much as they are credited. You are a bowhunter? Ask any fall turkey hunter how hard they are to kill;)


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Oct 29, 2015
It's probably stupid to ask, but are anyone turkey hunting in the Henderson area willing to allow me to tag along? I've never turkey hunted before, never hunted anything before. I don't know anyone who hunts at all. I'm willing to go it alone but I'm sure I'll learn more from an experienced hunter. If not, is anyone willing to at least give me some tips?
Well how'd it go?

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Mar 29, 2016
Daviess County
Went poorly. Sorry I wen't camping in evansville after my hunt. Didn't get on the computer. I got there at 4:30 fully intent on getting to the nice spot I picked out. Someone else got there. I'm pretty sure he's the only one who got a bird. I heard one shot all day and one turkey death gobble. Apparently someone drove their truck up the trail and flashed their headlights after a few gobbles sounded and scattered the roost. I ran into another hunter who saw it. Didn't see one after that truck scared em. I tried a few spots and finally gave up around 10 am. Gonna go again tomorrow or tuesday. How did everyone else do?


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Nov 25, 2013
Don't give up, after three seasons, my girlfriend and I were able to pull off a double saturday evening. On top of it being a double, it was also both of ours first turkey kill.

Don't give up, public land hunting is a beast in it's self. Just when you think you have a flock patterned, someone/something interrupts their natural movements causing them to go somewhere else.

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