Stuck the biggest buck of my life at 7:20


6 pointer
Nov 3, 2011
Morehead, KY
Sorry for the the delay fellas! I got in the stand late this morning about 15 minutes after shooting light. After sitting for about 5 minutes I hit the grunt call a few times. Looked behind me and about 150 yards two bucks were standing under a big oak. I watched them for about 10 minutes and then they slowly started walking my direction. They kept browsing and this buck made it to within about 15 yards. The smaller buck noticed me when he was about 25 yards away and stared for around a minute but then put his head down and went back to browsing. This guy came into an opening and I released the arrow! Ended up putting the broadhead through at least one lung and sliced through the heart. He went less than 100 yards. I've never hunted harder in my life! I probably put in about 50 days this year and just got back from a trip to Michigan at 3 am this morning! Glad I got up! This is the deer that I watched for over 4 hours as it bedded down in front of me earlier in the year, for those of you that read that thread.

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