Strange antler growth


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Oct 25, 2004
Crooked Creek
From what I've seen on trail cams this year I will make a prediction that there will be several wierd racked deer killed or seen during the 2008 season.

these will range from half racks, to straight up racks, to droop racks. Several have been reported where I hunt in Ohio county and I've seen a bunch on trail cams here.

Question is...what causes this. Half racks are seen every year....break off just above G1 or even a nub at the base. but this year it seems to be alot of half racks, droopy mains, or even droopy g2's and g3's. and also reports of mismatched racks.......normal on one side and maybe matching point wise on the other...but half the size.

I'll also make the prediction that the state record nontypical will be killed this year too based on what I've also seen and had reported.

What's your thoughts?


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Aug 20, 2002
La Grange, KY.
not really sure if there will be a lot of non typicals killed this year vs other years.

Injury usually causes wierd racked bucks but also genetics will play a part too.

Based on the last 5 years, we do have a good chance to come close to the 270" Crawford buck from Henry Co.

That record has been broken twice, so I guess there is a chance. We will have to wait and see.


Sep 8, 2007
In my opinion it is mostly just injury... The front leg affect the antler beam on the same side (i.e. left front affects left antler) and the back leg affect the opposite antler beam (back left affects right antler). Some times the buck recovers.. the pic below I took today of a reseach deer that broke it's left front leg last summer and had a split left mainbeam that year (at 2.5 ), now at 3 yrs. he has normal antler growth but still has the leg with obvious previous injury.

As of right now all 'funky' antlered 2.5 yr old research deer from last year have symmetrical antler this year as 3 yrs, giving me more reason to believe injury causes most cases.

The long, high main beam deer (yellow tagged) below had EHD (at least suspected... results haven't come in on his blood work) last year and you wouldn't be able to tell. There are quite a few other research deer we have that had EHD one year and the next they had normal and even impressive antler development... if they survived obviously.

I agree to with you, Shelbyhunter, genetics do play a vital role as well.

I am a graduate student working with captive deer and have 185 adults and 50+ fawns captive as of right now..


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