stinky shooting house revisited (kinda long)

Tom Threetoes

10 pointer
Oct 4, 2002
southern Indiana.
A few weeks back I posted a thread about the paint smell in our newly built shooting house. Thank goodness the stinking thing finally cleared up and just in time too. We got it up to our property just a couple days before season and ready to go we thought! I had put an old lock on it that I had lying around that only had one key. I told my son to pick up a new lock so we'd both have a key. When we got to the stand opening morning my son said " I forgot the key!" It was just luck that I had a screw driver in my truck and we took the door hinges off. It's snowing like crazy and we're making enough noise to raise the dead and I'm thinking if we see anything it'll be a big surprise to me. Well, we got in and settled down before dawn in spite of ourselves and saw a couple does and another deer we couldn't identify. About ten minutes after legal shooting time a buck walked across the shooting lane and my 12 year old granddaughter cut loose on him. I thought he dropped at the shot but my angle was bad and I wasn't sure. My son and granddaughter said he's DRT. After a few minutes we walked down to check him out he was a nice 9 point with a 19 inch spread. After all the hugs and hand shakes we started back to get the truck. I told my son that was a long shot and he said 146 steps. Not bad shooting for a 12 year old with her late grandma's 243.


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Aug 22, 2006
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