Still Running Dogs????

Discussion in 'Coon Hunting' started by KyThunder, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. KyThunder

    KyThunder Fawn

    Jun 2, 2019
    West KY
    Just wondering how many are still running their dogs? I work on the road. Havent been able to run dogs in last 3 weeks. We got into it this year. It's the most addictive thing I have ever done.

    Anyways.....we are newbies....hope to make some friends and get some good advice.
  2. KYH5N1

    KYH5N1 10 pointer

    Here is some good advice. If you want gain more access to 'coon hunt, kill every one you tree!
  3. Feedman

    Feedman Cyber-Hunter

    May 28, 2003
    In the basement
    ^^^^^^^^^ What he said is true. Kill them all
  4. oaktreeplanter

    oaktreeplanter Fawn

    Jul 29, 2018
    Marshall County
    I've been running some through the spring. Tennessee has open season starting July 1st on private land. I just happen to have some private land to hunt on in Tennessee about 60 miles form where I live, so I will be trying to take a weekly trip down there to work my young hounds through the rest of the summer.
    Welcome to the sport. Now is the best time to be a coon hunter. Since few others are hunting, there are more coons than ever.

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