Stevens Model 94 16 gauge project


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Dec 17, 2008
I do hot bluing and English rust bluing, pm me if interested, been doing it for 38 years.
Koger, send me some pictures of some of your bluing work please. I am always looking for people who can do stuff like bluing and Parkerizing and do it well. I get customers from time to time that are wanting it done and you would be a good resource. How's that scope working-out for you?


Mar 7, 2022
Monticello, KY
Some pits may be too deep to ever get it polished and blued, and them not stick out like a sore thumb. The alternative is to bead blast it with tiny beads giving it a matte texture. When blued it will give a nice even finish, and the matte finish hides most of the pits. My offer to you still stands.


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Nov 22, 2020
Caneyville, Ky
After I blued the barrel the other day I was pretty dissatisfied with how it looked. I stuck it in the gun locker and forgot about it for a couple days. Last night I got it out and it looked 10x better. I assume it just had to sit. So I took a cleaning rod and oversized I guess you’d call it barrel mop and put in the barrel and the other end in my drill and turned it with just a rag, kind of like buffing it. Then I put another coat on it last night and I’ll buff again in another day or two. You can still see some scratches and feel small flat spots when you turn the barrel with the drill, but it looks better than it did. And I shouldn’t have expected perfection with it being my first time doing that and the shape the gun was in.

I appreciate it Sam, if I ever hear of anyone down your way needing that I’ll send them to you.


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Nov 22, 2020
Caneyville, Ky
Not the best pic. But here’s part of it. I’m actually satisfied with it. The bluing helps hide the scratches. My expectations were too high I reckon for my first one and for the shape it was in. Working on the stock now.

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
Looks great. I’d pack it.

I waterfowl, turkey and squirrel hunt with 16 ga. I know for a fact it will kill a fox. Ive got plenty of buckshot and slugs so may buckshot some coyotes this year and deer hunt with the slugs. If you need a box of 4,5 or 6’s I’ll give you some Shane.