step son tags out for the first time.

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    the morning started out with a little trouble from the blind. there was no gobbling on the roost so i was blind calling. all of a sudden i heard a gobble behind us so i peek out the back window of the blind and could see 2 toms about 300 yards away. well they started towards us but was going down in the holler instead of on the ridge where we was. there was another bird that started gobbling across the holler from us. i hadn't called for a while and decided to give a couple yelps and the 2 birds from behind us gobbles about 75 yards in front of us. well about the time i got the gun on the tripod i saw there heads. they came in and i told him to shoot which ever bird he wanted and he shoots and misses, i was able to get the gun reloaded and back on the tripod for another shot and this time he didn't miss. it was around 7:25 and he had filled his last say Connor was excited would be an understatement. this is his 4th turkey and the first year he has been able to tag out. the bird weighted 20 pound and 9 ounces had a 10 1/4 in beard and had a 1in spur and a 7/8 in spur.
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    thats a beauty
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    Great job young man!

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