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    The one thing I would reiterate with this suggestion... it should'nt be viewed as joining the UTK just for a rule change on night hunting. Its an obvious need for ..what I view as the fastest growing sport in the state. There will be other issues along the way for trappers & predator hunters... combining efforts seems like logical solution to support each other.

    Members that would join from the predator hunting perspective need to realize the support needed for trapping in general within KY. These guys have worked hard to have the UTK and in no shape ,form or fashion would I want to ride on someone elses coat tail. Members would need to realize it takes being active to earn the respect of any organization and ultimately have a voice on subjects effecting us.
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    Riding on theri coat tails is not my idea either. If turkey hunters as well as quail hunters realized just how much damage this slight over population of coons is doing, htey would be more supportive as well. No trapper wants to catch a mans dog, but there is a reason that trapper has placed that trap in that particular spot.

    I too once trapped and believe in it as an aid to keeping populations in check that otherwise would have no other way. I have even thought about taking it back up if time would allow. At least I could get rid of the coons eating my sweetcorn patch. Last time I planted a quarter acre away from thehouse , I got 3 ears off of it. And likely the reason I have no ground nesting birds here .

    It can't hurt to contact them and discuss th eissue with them. They may even be able to give us some ideas to go it on our own if we have too.

    I think I will try and get ahold of the cattlemans ascosciation as well. Those would be the landowners to target. JImmie
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    night hunting

    Sorry guys but there is no why I can see most sportsman in ky. Supporting this we have enough problems with pouchers as it is. I think kfdr is right on this one.Stick to trapping it is moore afective I beleave anyway or call them in durring daylight.Like already said hard to get kdfr at night and landowners like myself hate spotlights.Sorry that's just how I fill and everyone that I have talked two about this has said.
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    huntmad ,

    I can respect a man decision, but I have to tell you you are slightly off base.
    First of all.
    1." we have enough problems with poachers as it is."
    That seems as if you are considering us that hunt legally in the same category as the poachers.
    poaching is the illegal taking of game or resources. to hunt or fish illegally.

    By this I mean.If hunting at night "with a light were legal. It would give rise to more poaching?
    We have already discussed hunting with/without lights and the consensuses here is. lights are not a necessity to hunt yotes, it will just make it safer to see the back ground.
    2.More poaching takes place during daylight hours. If you consider the game spices being hunted.
    What other than deer would be likely poached at night with lights and to what gains?
    Have you ever or anyone for that matter, seen a turkeys Eyes shine in the light. Turkey are killed illegally,off the roost, just before daylight. or in the off season ,not buy the use of lights.
    Small game such as rabbits ? Driving down the road shining the lights looking for little critters to shoot is just that "driving down the road shining a light.We are not trying to get shinning from a car ,from the road legalized.
    If someone shines from a vehicle with a gun in their possession ,they get busted and should be.
    This is not meant to criticize, but Because it seems quit obvious that land owners like yourself have witnessed this and are tired off it! ask yourself So what seems more likely at this point " is it that what you don't Know, wont hurt you"?No lights no poachers,I think not.
    When do you think Most Deer are going to be poached? Just before season starts ?, and for what propose ,To get that big rack before the next guy.? .And once again this will most likely be taking place from the road in areas where the lights cannot easily be detect from a distance
    At this rate we might as well lump the squirrel hunter in with the poachers because they have the best chance at takeing deer illegally ???

    As far as trapping coyotes goes anyone who says trapping one of the best noses on the planet is more affective Evidently has not tried it.If a coyote or fox even gets the slightest whiff of the cold steel or you for that can forget it, Its over. you might as well just not set the trap in the first place. sure you might take an easy one that hasnt tasted steel yet, once in awhile. but constantly you better be good at it.

    Which brings us know to the matter at hand.
    We dont want shinning legalized. We want hunting predators at night legalized.
    And hopefully before the population explodes and the poisoning of a very necessary spices , is once again driven to extinction due to their predation on the game and livestock.
    Poaching is illegal. Predator hunting at night should not be. Regardless of, if it is with or with out a artificial light!.
    There are Two other huntable species in KY that are legal to take at night, with a light.What differentiates them from coyotes.They both are predators. they have Fur. they have a can see there eyes at night.The difference is they are hunted with a Dog.
    If you step out side you might be able to here them. But more than likely if you don't, you would never know they were there. HHM,Did'nt I here SOMETHING LIKE THAT somewhere before?
    UNLESS OF COARSE YOU TOLD THE HUNTERS THEY COULD HUNT ,AND THEY INFORM YOU THEY WOULD BE COMING. Other wise they would be trespassing , taking game illegally, and yes poaching.
    Give a man permission to hunt coyotes at night he is a hunter not a poacher.
    3.Would it satisfy you to make caring a spot light in your car illegal.
    Or would the necessity of having a gun in your possession along with a light be the determining factor for making it illegal.
    Spot light + gun = poacher ?. I think not, He could be a farmer.
    Spot light +gun+ call=poacher ?. I think not,he could be a hunter.
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    I wil no longer

    I will no longer be arguing facts or scenarios.
    My mission on this post is to dig up information and facts
    to achieve our goal, like Jimmie said.

    I will find what you asked for jimmie.
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    Is trapping more effective, on pups yes. On older animals not a chance in hell. If a coyote even feels something is wrong it will scoot those feet forward and flip the trap taking the bait anyway. Now how do you think I know this? Same with daylight calling. That older animal did not get to be an older animal by showing itself at everything that made a racket. And it is these older animals at certain times of year cause many of hte problems. And it was just such an older animal that raised hell around here for many years. I could not get him within 700 yards in daylight and no one was able to get him to stick his foot in a trap or his head in a snare. He lost females and pups each and every year ,but four hunter's and at least one trapper could not get him. A deer hunter finally got him accidently at long range. He had been killing for nine years. Dozens of calves and one colt went down his gullet in those nine years. What kind of impact did he have on local farmers? What if I HAD BEEN ABLE TO GO AFTER HIM AT NIGHT WHEN HE WAS MORE COMFORTABLE? We will never know.

    I know of another old dog taking dogs off of porches at two difernt times of year each year for the last 8 years. Can't get permission to go after him where he holes up. No trappers in that area. How much longer is he going to keep on with what he is doing? Until old age gets him? Or maybe we can depend on another deer hunter getting lucky?

    I am not a poacher !! And I had the oportunity to take bucks that are legend around here while we had this. Bucks that never see the light of day but very rarely during the rutt. For any one to insult the inteligence and ethics of a legal hunter is bull crap period. And that is what you are doing when you lump us in with the rest of the trash. That is exactly what the state is doing as well!!!

    I have had several areas where I COULD NOT GET PERMISSION to go after problem animals during daylight hours. But I could eliminate the problem in one night when we had night time calling with no lights and no electronics at all. And often got the alpha female with it. Now what kind of good did I do these farmers? Not only did I get the problem animal. I cut the coyote population in that area by a litter for a season. How many fawns did I save when they weren't needed to feed a litter of pups? How many turkeys survived in that area when htey went to looking for a mate during what is whelping seson for coyote?

    To answer some of your questions
    SAFETEY: shotgun aimed at the ground under short range calling conditions

    LIGHTS: NONE, calling under full moon phases where light is natural and enough to tell the diference at close range in hte targets that apear. COYOTES ! Limited to just those few nights each month

    TRESSPASSING: Ethical hunters hunt only where they have permission

    Night vision: no, this is opening the back door for poachers to join the ranks. Giving them access to all nights of hte month with the rest of the legal hunters taking the blame.

    Now does anyone else care to insult me?

    Sorry fellas, Huntmadds post just ticked me off good.

    Cant misum, I apreciate your assistance. Jimmie
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    look here
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    New hamshir nights

    Coyote night hunting (Written landowner permission required)
    Jan.1 - Mar. 31, 2010​
    No limit​
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    MIssouri rules

    Artificial lights may be used only to hunt bullfrogs and green frogs, or to hunt
    raccoons and other furbearing animals when treed with the aid of dogs. Using
    lights or any other night vision or thermal imagery equipment to search for, spot,
    illuminate, harass or disturb other wildlife is a violation of the Wildlife Code. This
    rule does not apply to landowners on their property.
    Public Roadways
    You may not take any wildlife from or across a public roadway with a firearm,
    bow or crossbow. A Conibear-type trap may be used adjacent to public roadways
    only if set underwater in permanent waters.
    Poisons, tranquilizing drugs, chemicals or explosives may not be used to take wildlife.
    Electronic calls may be used to pursue and take crows or furbearers only, but
    without the aid of an artificial light or night-vision equipment. Mouth and hand
    calls may be used any time. Electronic calls or electronically activated calls may
    not be used or possessed while hunting species other than crows or furbearers.Furbearer Hunting
    Coyote taken with hunting permit
    Season: All year, except coyotes may NOT be hunted during daylight hours
    from April 1 through April 18, and may not be hunted at all during the spring
    turkey season from April 19 through May 9. See the Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting
    Regulations and Information booklet, which is available in the summer, for
    additional limitations during firearms deer season.
    Daily bag limit: any number
    Possession bag limit: any number
    Badger, bobcat, gray fox, red fox, opossum,
    raccoon and striped skunk taken with a hunting permit
    Season: Nov. 15, 2010—Jan. 31, 2011
    Daily bag limit: any number
    Possession bag limit: any number
    Note: The pelts of bobcats taken by hunting and trapping must be delivered to
    an agent of the Conservation Department for registration or tagging.
    See page 22. After pelts are tagged, they can be possessed by the taker
    throughout the year.
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    living with coyotes: Misorri dept of conservation

    this is an exerpt from artical on MDC. web sit.

    Coyotes are a legally protected furbearer and game animal. There are set hunting and trapping seasons for coyotes (see MO Wildlife Code for specific dates). A truly nuisance coyote, "... which beyond reasonable doubt is damaging property may be killed by the owner of the property being damaged, or by his/her representative at any time and without permit, but only by shooting or trapping except by written authorization of the director..." according to the Missouri Wildlife Code 3CSR10-4.130 Owner May Protect Property.
    When lethal measures are taken, it is often only necessary to remove one animal; the one creating the nuisance. Trapping is the most common way to catch or remove coyotes. Traps placed by a knowledgeable and experienced trapper are much more likely to catch coyotes than those set by people with no trapping experience. The most widely used and successful method of trapping coyotes involves the use of leghold traps. Most people think leghold traps are cruel and inhumane, but when the proper size trap is used in conjunction with the proper set, the trap serves only to hold the animal. If released, the animal should show no signs of serious or permanent injury. Also, non-target animals are rarely caught when the proper size trap and set are used. Snares can be effective but absolutely require written permission from a Missouri Department of Conservation Wildlife Damage Biologist or Conservation Agent. Cage style traps can be used but are typically considered very inefficient as most coyotes will not readily enter a cage trap. Additionally, a cage style trap may catch many non-target animals. There are numerous laws and regulations governing the use of traps. Please refer to Chapter 8 of the current "Wildlife Code of Missouri".
    Hunting and/or trapping does not guarantee that you will never have coyote damage again, but by removing the boldest damage-causing or nuisance coyote(s) you may change the behavior and thus the habits of the remaining coyotes. However, as long as coyotes are present in an area the potential for problems exists. Careful observation of local coyote habits should help you to decide when you might encourage an in-season hunting or trapping harvest to help keep coyote numbers or habits in check, or should help you to decide if there is a specific problem coyote that needs to be removed. Always check with the ordinances of your municipality regarding the legality of certain methods for hunting or trapping coyotes before you begin. If you have questions regarding nuisance coyote removal, contact your local MDC Wildlife Damage Biologist or Conservation Agent.

    This artical also stated that if remove to another area the coyote would most likly come back,
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    Idaho regs,

    Hunting of Predatory & Unprotected Animals
    Some animals are classified as “predators” or as “unprotected”
    and can be hunted and taken all year. Animals classified
    as predators in Idaho include coyotes, jackrabbits, skunks,
    weasels, and starling. The most frequently hunted unprotected
    animals include marmots, fox squirrels, porcupines and
    Columbian ground squirrels, English sparrows, Eurasiancollared
    doves, and feral pigeons. These species may be taken
    in any amounts and at any time by holders of the appropriate
    valid Idaho hunting, trapping or combination hunting license,
    provided such taking is not in viiolation of state, county, or city
    laws, ordinances or regulations.

    It is unlawfull
    • To hunt any game species with the aid of artificial light
    (except raccoons, see Furbearer section, page 44) .

    Methods of Take — Hunting
    Furbearing Animals: No person shall take beaver, marten,
    mink, muskrat or otter by any method other than trapping. In
    Valley County and portions of Adams County, red fox may be
    taken only by trapping.
    Hunting: In addition to predatory or unprotected wildlife, the
    following furbearers may be hunted: badger, bobcat, raccoon,
    and red fox.
    Hunting: No person hunting permissible furbearing animals
    (badger, bobcat, raccoon and red fox) or predatory or
    unprotected wildlife shall:
    • Hunt with any weapon the possession of which is
    prohibited by state or federal law.
    • Hunt any furbearing animal, except raccoon, with or by the
    aid of artificial light.
    No person hunting raccoon at night shall:
    • Hunt from a motorized vehicle.
    • Use any light attached to any motor vehicle.
    • Hunt on private land without obtaining written
    permission from the landowner or lessee.
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    florida FWC rules

    ■ Taking or attempting to take game with live decoys, recorded
    game calls or sounds, set guns, artificial lights, nets, traps, snares,
    drugs or poisons

    General gun season
    Season dates:
    South Zone Oct. 31, 2009–Jan. 10, 2010
    Central Zone Nov. 14, 2009–Jan. 24, 2010
    Northwest Zone Nov. 26–29, 2009 and
    Dec. 12, 2009–Feb. 17, 2010
    License requirement: Hunting license
    Legal to take: Deer having one or more
    antler at least five inches in length visible
    above the hairline; wild hogs; rabbits; raccoons;
    opossums; coyotes; nutrias; skunks
    and beavers
    Shooting hours: One-half hour before sunrise
    to one-half hour after sunset

    Furbearer hunting regulations
    Hunters taking furbearers with firearms
    or dogs for sporting purposes must possess
    hunting licenses or other licenses that
    include hunting privileges, unless exempt.
    These licenses do not authorize the sale of
    furbearing mammals or taking furbearing
    mammals with live traps or snares. Trapping
    licenses are required to sell furbearing
    animals or when using live traps or snares
    in taking them.
    Open season: Raccoons, opossums, skunks,
    nutrias, beavers and coyotes can be livetrapped,
    taken with snares or hunted with
    dogs and firearms year-round.

    Methods of taking: Furbearers may be
    taken with firearms, live traps or snares.
    Recorded game calls also may be used to
    take furbearers. Live traps and snares must
    be checked at least every 24 hours. Using
    or possessing steel or leg-hold traps where
    wildlife might be found is prohibited, unless
    authorized by permit from the FWC executive
    Raccoon and opossum: Hunting at
    night with dogs for raccoons and opossums
    is permitted year-round. Only .22-caliber
    rimfire firearms (other than .22-magnums)
    or single-shot .410-gauge shotguns, using
    shot not larger than size 6 can be used. Fire-arms may not be loaded until immediately
    prior to shooting treed or bayed raccoons or
    opossums. Hunting raccoons or opossums
    by displaying or using lights from moving
    vehicles, vessels or animals is prohibited.

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