State of the Union Address

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EdLongshanks, Feb 5, 2019.

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    Yet YOU fall hook, line and sinker for the propaganda that Trump will be impeached "any day now", "the walls are closing in", " the bombshell evidence", etc, etc.

    We are still WAITING for that to happen. Ever a broken clock is right twice a day and a broken clock has a better record.
  2. GG reminds me of this hardcore libturd idiot I know in Murray. His story was he grew up in a trailer park with 4 brothers and sisters and a single, meth/coke/whatever she could screw for or steal addict mother. They lived off public assistance and he grew up dirt poor. Because of those experiences he now hates anybody with money, a home, property, children they love and provide for and he votes with the party that believes in redistribution of others’ wealth over working for it. He doesn’t believe wealth should be passed on along family lines, etc. He was raised to vote for and support leeches even though he is college educated with a great job. That experience of being mad and jealous because he grew up poor with a druggie mama will assure he votes against the “rich, white man” every time as payback for his life. I mean, no way it was his crackhead mama’s fault, right? Anyway, I have a feeling the resident ‘turd has a similar story. Maybe not a crackhead, single mother but I guarantee he got his whittle fweelings hwurt somewhere along the way.
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    I've been around since the 60's too, and I know the Democrats pretty well. For the most part, all of the older hardcore Democrats I've ever known have been outspokenly racist as hell. I just don't get the dissonance of today.
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    Nominated: comedic post of the year!

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    ROF!! Hope you don't mind if I pirate that one ... it's priceless! :D:D

    Not to mention absolutely SPOT ON .... there's only one "Guy" that can possibly have his ears tickling his rectal polyps with so much regularity and complete lack of ANY evidence whatsoever! :p

    Thank you!! :)
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    I never understood GG's particular kind of crazy thinking, but I absolutely respect his total, and unwavering support of it!
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    Sep 23, 2016
    Yes I agree. It gives him hope everyday that he will wake up to multiple indictments of Trump with his eventual prosecution and imprisonment. His unwavering faith is remarkable. I wish I could be as hopeful for anything! There just isn't anything I can say I want as badly.

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