Squirrel Season

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  1. davers

    davers 12 pointer

    Jul 14, 2014
    Saw seven Sunday morning got one. It seems that when 10:00 am rolls around Squirrels stop moving/cutting. WAY TOO HOT!!
  2. xbokilla

    xbokilla 12 pointer

    Jun 28, 2012

    I was done by 8:45 Saturday. Probably could have moved spot to spot and maybe bagged out. There's plenty where I hunt you just have to walk a bit. Which is something I don't like doing in the heat.
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  3. I went early and saw one Grey boar in a pair of hickories. He was at the tip top and I had to spend 20 min or more watching for him as nuts and cuttings rained down on me, lol. Finally, he flattened out motionless on a limb where I could barely make out his outline. One shot one squacker in the pot. I used a new shooting stick that I had made from a photographers mono-pod which I extended by about 12 inches for use in high elevation angles. It provides a precise aim for even this wobbly old fart.

    I saw a few other hickories that had been cut on but most of the hickories in my neck of the woods appear to still be a bit too green. Did not see or hear any other squirrels but I did not hunt that long. In a week or two they will be prime. It was too hot and I had other places to be, so I cut the hunt short a bit earlier than usual.

    On a side note: I was using my 17 hmr for the first time in a couple of years for squirrels. I wanted to try some new ammo to see if any of them were less destructive on them. The ballistic tips were just too destructive. For opening day I tried the new CCI lead-free 16g hollow point. It is more destructive than the 17g lead HP's I had tried before. Those seemed to not be reliably expanding in squirrel sized animals and performed more like FMJ's in my limited trials a few years ago. Not sure what new lead-free "Green" ammo is made of but it is effective. Too effective for squirrel. Almost as destructive as the 17 WSM. Certainly as effective as the BT's. I have some 20g HP's and soft points. I will try them later. Probably gonna take the 22 next time. It is a proven winner.

  4. kill'n and grill'n

    kill'n and grill'n Fawn

    Apr 17, 2012
    Madison Co.
    Looks like some mild temperatures will be sticking around for the next several days. Should be some good cool mornings to squirrel hunt. I will definitely be hitting the woods this weekend!
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  5. davers

    davers 12 pointer

    Jul 14, 2014
    Just returned from a Squirrel Hunt. Saw eight but didn't bag any, shot at one with my .22 but missed. Got three yesterday morning though. Tomorrow I think I'll take my .410-3" as this morning the Squirrels I saw were all on the move, jumping through the trees, making it hard to connect on one with a .22 rifle.
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  6. KYT

    KYT 8 pointer

    May 3, 2008
    Eastern Ky.
    Went this morning to a hickory that almost always has nuts and squirrels this time of year. Nothing. No sign of any squirrels or hickory nuts anywhere in the area.
    This afternoon the wife and I went hiking on a trail that is 12 miles away from home. Several beech trees along the trail were under attack by squirrels. I've never seen squirrels hit beeches this early. At 2 PM squirrels were working them over.
  7. davers

    davers 12 pointer

    Jul 14, 2014
    I also went hunting yesterday morning, and while I saw 8 Squirrels, I came back with none. Only got one shot at a Squirrel early morning but missed as the Squirrel was moving too much. Went to another "hot-spot" saw numerous cuttings around the pignut tree but no Squirrels were about. Went back to that same tree late afternoon but didn't see a single Squirrel. Being cooler, I though they would be more out and cutting. Taking my .410 this morning since they seem to be on the move when spotted.
  8. davers

    davers 12 pointer

    Jul 14, 2014
    Well just returned to my house, after a few hours of Squirrel Hunting in my woods. Saw only four Squirrels but bagged two with my .410 (#4 & #5 shot) H&R Topper M-58 Single Barrel. This shotgun, I've own since 1969, throws a very tight pattern; paid $35 back then and wouldn't trade or sell it for anything.
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  9. pentail

    pentail Bacon Staff Member

    Sep 25, 2002
    Savoring the smoke
    Potroast and I had a pretty good morning
  10. fullstrut1

    fullstrut1 12 pointer

    Oct 17, 2005
  11. Looserounds

    Looserounds Fawn

    Jul 12, 2015
    I have been a few times since opening day and I have not seen the first one. Only one hickory had shaving under it, I saw none. I haven't even heard one bark yet this year. I think it's just been too hot around here. I think the one tree they are cutting has been a night or very early in the morning. The wind has been blowing constantly since season came in as well. so if there was one in a tree I wouldnt have been able to spot it.

    A few weeks and some cooler temps or some rain and hopefully I will start seeing some.
  12. barney

    barney 12 pointer

    Oct 11, 2005
    Cuttin' the hickories hard around here, but work continues to get in the way of a real hunt.
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  13. Thumb Catcher

    Thumb Catcher Spike

    Dec 21, 2014
    I am glad I am not the only one seeing squirrels move when approaching them. I kept thinking it was me as they spot me and hi tail it , i think its partially because of the warm weather and or dry conditions.
    I took the single 20 ga and finally started connecting as I am finding it harder to hold a .22 off hand
  14. Chilly

    Chilly 12 pointer

    I went with my boys and turned them loose in big timber flat woods. They done pretty good. They ended up seeing 8 and killed 5. They only shot at one other and it got in a hole on them.

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  15. scastle

    scastle 6 pointer

    Mar 4, 2011
    hunted sat.morn and never saw a fresh hicokry nut.saw one squirrel killed one with a new 22mag.spot has always had squirrels,guess I need to do some scouting

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